storage battery Reluctance to take climate change action

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
These people say they accept the science of climate change, and their arguments seem attractive on the surface.They say, why do we put our economy aside and when we are only responsible for one country, we have to work hard to deal with climate change.3% of global emissions?It is true that we can reduce emissions globally, but this argument is too simplistic.
There are compelling reasons for action.
First of all, morally, we are one of the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world.On average, 18 people are responsible for each Australian.3 tons of carbon dioxide per year.While continuing to reduce emissions, we claim that our way of life is more important than others.
It is immoral to choose not to act.
Second, economic reasons.
It has been said that Australia cannot save the world by doing anything in isolation, so we should not take action to sacrifice our economy.This attitude is implicit in government policy.This is based on the assumption that the transition to renewable energy will harm our economy, as there are strong indications that a rapid transition to renewable energy will benefit the economy.
A model by researchers at the University of Science and Technology in Sydney suggests that by 2050, de-CO2 in Australia's energy system will save billions of dollars a year in energy and transportation costs, while significantly boosting employment.At present, the market is leading and the government is not leading: renewable energy technology is progressing and related costs are falling rapidly.Whether you like it or not, the transition is in progress.
Morgan Stanley, an investment bank, warned that energy companies seriously underestimated the growth of solar and battery storage and predicted that more than a million households would have solar and battery storage by 2020.The transition to renewable energy needs to be managed by the government to avoid the sudden shutdown of power stations, the inevitable bankruptcy of the energy sector and the damage that this will bring to the community.Third, Australia's status as the world's second-largest coal exporter also gives it special responsibility.
New mines like Adani's proposed Carmichael mine should not continue.Indian-India-based Adani has begun to enter solar photovoltaic power generation, while India plans to stop coal imports by 2020.It seems ridiculous that Australia will even consider such a short period of time.
Forward-thinking proposalFourth, tackling climate change is more than just reducing emissions,Technology is part of the solution.Australia has a reputation of more than its weight in science and still has the potential to make meaningful global contributions in this area.A good start is to reverse funding cuts from Australian renewable energy agencies.
Most Australians are not yet aware of the effects of climate change.Psychologists warn that when this happens eventually, climate change will be accompanied by a dramatic increase in mental and social diseases.In the long run, knowing that our leaders are committed to doing everything they can to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a habitable planet that will benefit not only our economy, but also our national psychology.
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