storage battery SA’s energy revolution – what it means for Australia

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
The energy storage revolution has arrived.xa0A bangThe South Australian government recently announced that it will work with Tesla of Elon Musk to build the world's largest lithium --The ion battery is a lightning moment that has a profound impact on the regional community.The 100 MW battery will provide stability for wind farms and emergency backup power supplies.
It will also provide much-needed work for the construction, operation and maintenance of regional towns and provide tourism for people who flock to visit this technological miracle.This project is just the beginning.Victoria and Queensland are planning a similar size.Families, businesses and regional communities across the country are also promoting large-scale battery projects and storage.
Australia is the country with the highest household solar usage in the world, so it makes sense for families to use batteries to store excess power (generated during the day) when they need it most (when coming home from work or after school) use.About 20,000 households now own solar cells, but with prices falling, it is not unreasonable to expect 500,000 Australians to have solar cells by 2020.Many companies offer word of mouthA financial package that combines solar energy with storage.
German battery storage company Sonnen will provide free electricity charges to Australian customers in return for battery storage capacity, providing grid balancing services to network operators.Storage has arrived and it will let you control your energy use and cut your electricity bill.With electricity prices going up to 20 per cent, it's time to go around and see how solar and storage can serve you.
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