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by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
The recent political debate on renewable energy and fossil fuels has focused primarily on the actions of the federal and state governments.This does not recognize that much can be done at the local government level to address climate change.Through urban planning and advocacy, the Council has the capacity to reduce the impact of carbon emissionsIntensive action in our community.
More and more local governments are doing so across Australia.We are doing smarter and more sustainable things in Newcastle.As a vulnerable coastal community, addressing the challenges of climate change is essential for the future well-being of our residents and our economy.
We recently completed a strategic plan to combine flood control gates, water pumps and flood control banks to protect lowlying, harbour-In the suburbs of major marine events --level rises.Now, as part of the Climate Council urban power partnership, we have become the first council to make a commitment.We commit to five key actions to increase renewable energy.
xa0Provide sustainable transportation options and improve energy efficiency.This includes the development of a 5 MW solar farm on an old landfill site to offset the electricity needed for council operations.We have made our building more energy efficient, installed solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems in the library and cultural facilities, we are now upgrading street lights with led, while implementing a series of water, waste and fuel efficiency projects.
The International Energy Agency says cities and towns can provide 70xa0Need to maintain emissions reductions within two rangesxa0%xa0Global warming ceiling set by the Paris agreement.The city council is proud of its leadership
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