storage battery systems Solar owners tipped to go off grid

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
Families will receive only 5 copies from this month.Every kilowatt hour, they pump the pump back to the grid. After the US economic regulator cut off solar power,Tariff from 8.
Residential customers who have installed or registered microPower generation systems prior to August 30 are still eligible for the 28/kWh rate voluntarily paid by Aurora Energy before the regulator takes over the January pricing liability.Jack Gilding, executive officer of Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance, said solar energy owners received less than £ 6 in electricity bills, which were then resold to their neighbors by Aurora for £ 27.Mr. Gilding expects that anyone interested in installing solar panels will now choose a smaller system and make the most of the solar energy they use themselves.
However, he said the energy market could face dire consequences as the price of battery storage systems decreases."In the medium term, this will lead to people saying, 'Do we really need the grid? '?Said Mr. gilding."If someone who has the ability to leave the grid really leaves the grid, it means that the power of the grid becomes very expensive for others.
The group met with Energy Minister Matthew Groom yesterday and urged him to order a review of the formula used by regulators to determine feedIn the tariff, and taking into account the lower transmission costs required to use the solar energy generated nearby.The groom said yesterday it was a matter for regulators
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