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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-25

Unfortunately, if you live in a cold weather climate, another cycling season is coming to an end.The snow will soon fall.Now is the time to prepare the bike for winter.Here are some tips to protect and save the bike, so it is in the same shape as you store in the spring.Some of the preparations now will make sure you go out for a horse ride in the spring instead of queuing up at the dealer and not repairing it yourself in the garage.1.Choose a location away from windows if possible.UV can fade paint and plastic parts.Direct sunlight can increase the ambient temperature in the storage area, which will promote condensation when the sun goes down, so cover the normal glass with some kind of opaque material.Cover your bike with a specially designed bike cover instead of sheets or tarps.These materials promote rust below.The specially designed motorcycle cover is made of mildew-proof breathable material.2.Even if the oil does not change, the by-product of combustion will produce acid in the oil, thus damaging the internal metal surface.Heat the engine to a normal operating temperature because the warm oil is consumed faster and more completely.Replace the filter and add new oil.3.Fill the tank with fresh fuel, but don't overdo it.The correct level is when the fuel is just touching the bottom of the filler neck.This provides enough space for fuel expansion when the temperature rises without spilling the tank.Close the fuel petcock and drain the carburetor and fuel line.Add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the smell of the fuel and help prevent moisture accumulation.It also prevents small ports in carbs from sticking together.4.Note: You only need to do this if your motorcycle is stored for 6 months or more.Remove the spark plug and Pour a tablespoon of clean oil or spray mist oil into each cylinder.Be sure to turn off the fuel before you start the engine, otherwise you may replenish the discharged carbs!Ground the ignition lead to prevent the spark from igniting any fuel residue.Turn the engine a few laps, scatter the oil and reinstall the plug.If too much oil is used in the cylinder, reinstalling the plug before starting the engine can cause a hydraulic lock.5.The battery must be removed from the motorcycle during storage.Even if the ignition switch (dark current) is turned off, the motorcycle often has a small current consumption, and the discharged battery will become sulfuric acid and will no longer be able to maintain charging.The electrolyte level of the regular battery should be checked.Add distilled water to any low battery and charge the battery.Using a charger with an output of 10% mAh battery rating, the battery is charged at least once every two weeks.Be sure to store in the warm area of the cement floor as the harsh winter temperatures are difficult for the battery.6.Waxing and polishing the motorcycle seems like a waste of time because you put it away and no one will see it.But waxing is a very important part of storing motorcycles.Wax will play a role of rust and moisture.Don't forget to spray any other metal surfaces (such as frames or engines) with a very light WD spray)40.This will keep these areas shiny and protect them from corrosion.7.It is well known that the silencers will rust quickly when they are not used, so make sure they are properly stored on your bike for winter use, which prevents them from rust.Spray light oil (such as WD40) into the end of the silencer and drain holes.Gently stick the plastic bag (the shopping bag is good) to the end of each silencer hole (to prevent moisture from entering the exhaust ).Cover each silencer with another plastic bag to keep the outside moisture.8.Check the front and rear tires with your air pressure gauge.Make sure that each tire is properly inflated to the maximum recommended pressure.When the weather gets cold, the air in the tire will condense, so to keep the tire healthy, it is important to air the tire.Rubber is a flexible material that does not like freezing (it will crack when freezing ).It is wise to remove the tires from the cold floor.JS Jacks's big wheel motorcycle lift is perfect for winter storage.It maintains the weight of the bike throughout the winter to prevent puncture.Do not use tire dressings on tires (such as armor-Because this will make the tires hard and smooth.9.If the brake or clutch fluid has not changed for the past two years (or 11,000 miles), do it now.The fluid used in these systems absorbs moisture.Contaminated fluid can cause corrosion inside the system, which may cause problems when motorcycles are used next spring.If you do not have experience in providing services to these systems, please contact your reseller for assistance.If your motorcycle is liquid cooled, the coolant needs to be replaced every two years or 24,000 or (15,000 miles.Make sure the engine is cool enough to put your hands on it before draining the system.The dealer provides coolant/antifreeze and provides the correct protection for the motorcycle engine.Mixing 50/50 with distilled water will ensure a cleaning system for the next two years (or 15,000 miles.10.Cover it.Now you can cover your bike with a bike and look forward to the first warm day of spring!It's time to get a sled Jack in winter!
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