tesla to supply 'world's biggest lithium ion battery' for sa, but what is it and how will it work? - battery energy storage

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tesla to supply \'world\'s biggest lithium ion battery\' for sa, but what is it and how will it work?  -  battery energy storage
The "world's largest" lithium-ion battery will be built in South Australia by Tesla and French company Neoen.
It will be close to the wind farm of the French renewable energy company near Jamestown and ready for the start of the summer.
A set of lithium-ion batteries will be connected to the Hornsdale wind farm, which is currently under construction in SA.
It looks like an area of boxes, each with Tesla's commercial home --
Extended Powerpack battery.
The array can output 100 MW (MW)
A huge battery will be able to store 129 megawatts of power at a time (MWh)
Therefore, if used at full capacity, it will be able to provide a maximum output of more than one hour.
This will be a modular network, the size of each Powerpack is about the size of 2 big refrigerators.
1 High, 1. 3m long and 0. 8m wide.
They weigh 1,200 kilograms each.
Its storage capacity will be slightly higher than the next largest lithium battery manufactured by AES in Southern California this year.
But Tesla's output of 100 MW will be more than three times that of AES batteries, five times that of any product Tesla previously produced.
Tesla's largest lithium-ion battery storage system built so far is located at 0. 6-
A hectare of land in Mira Rome, Southern California.
Edison, the Southern California Electric Power Company, also participated.
It has a storage capacity of 20 MW or 80 MW and is said to be able to supply power to 15,000 households.
It took three months for the California array to be built.
Tesla said that the lithium-ion batteries in the Jamestown battery array will have a service life of about 15 years, depending on their usage and charging strength.
The company says the battery assembly is replaceable and the circuit should last for 20 to 30 years.
The state sometimes faces massive load cuts and power outages across the state in last September, prompting the SA government to prepare a $0. 55 billion energy plan for the future.
SA wants the private sector to express interest in building and operating a large battery.
Taxpayers will contribute, and when the demand is decided, the government has the right to get energy from the battery.
The country has received 91 expressions of interest from all over the world.
The bids from Neoen and Tesla are considered to be the best.
Prior to the start of the tender process, Tesla boss Elon Musk made an interesting suggestion via Twitter that his company could deliver the battery within 100 days
Or free shipping.
Neoen says the battery will primarily provide stability to the grid, something that has traditionally been done in the coal, gas and hydropower sectors, not wind or solar.
Since the closure of coal in Port Augusta
South African markets tightened last year and prices were very high.
Big batteries should be able to offer competition in this market to help reduce the price and the final flow
Electricity for consumers.
In return for undisclosed financial contributions to battery projects, the SA government will have the right to sometimes receive up to 70 of battery production.
Energy can be used to avoid future load
If electricity demand is expected to exceed supply, there will be a power outage in the summer.
The reputation of Tesla and the South African government has been threatened.
Elon Musk built a large working battery in 100 days to cement his credibility.
Although the scale is much smaller, Tesla has encountered such challenges before.
The credibility of the government depends on resolving the ongoing power crisis that has plagued SA.
If the battery does not work before the start of the summer, South Australia may be affected by a lead outage
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