the 78 mpg mercedes-benz s-class - lithium battery management system

by:MERITSUN     2020-01-31
the 78 mpg mercedes-benz s-class  -  lithium battery management system
Mercedes-Benz first hinted at the launch of an S-Class with plug
Hybrid power up to 2009 when introducing Vision S500 plug
Hybrid concept.
This is a complete one.
Size limousine for 0 people
60 miles per hour is under 6 miles per hour.
70 miles or more, but the best part is that it is destined to be put into production.
Now a production version has been released in the form of a new MercedesBenz S500 Plug-
In hybrid, based on the latest-
Generation 2014Class.
The car will debut at 2013 Frankfurt motor show next month and is scheduled to go public sometime next year. The S500 Plug-
The Hybrid is powered by a turbo 3. 0-liter V-
6 The engine is paired in parallel with the electric motor driven by lithium-
Ion batteries stored in the trunk.
The engine provides 328 horsepower and 354 lbs-
When an additional 80 KW is added to the motor, the torque is feet (107 horsepower)and 250 pound-feet of torque.
This allowed the vehicle to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in 5 minutes.
5 seconds, it's easy to reach the highest speed of 155 miles/hour to see it.
The car offers a variety of driving modes thanks to the power supply being able to work independently.
They are "mixed "(
Hybrid power supply), “E-MODE” (
Power only), “E-SAVE” (
Keep the fully charged battery so that it can be powered separately later)and “CHARGE” (
Battery charge while driving). In the E-
Mode settings, with a range of about 18 miles, although this will depend on how many you have on your right foot, and how often the car's regeneration system is used.
Mercedes says the fuel economy can reach 78 miles when the battery is fully charged and the hybrid mode is activated (
Based on the European joint cycle).
The key is an intelligent hybrid energy management system for automakers that automatically selects the best combination of power and regeneration systems to maximize efficiency.
This depends not only on current driving conditions and driver input, but can also be adjusted according to possible routes (
Tilt, downhill extension, bend or speed limit based on satellite data)
Five miles.
For example, the aim is to drain part of the battery and help the engine when approaching the downhill, then switch to regeneration mode during the descent to help replenish the battery again.
To further improve efficiency, the engine can be turned off at any time while the vehicle is taxiing.
To ensure that the driver knows what is going on, the display shows which power supplies and/or whether the battery is charged or not are activated.
The accelerator pedal also provides tactile feedback: the resistance on the throttle provides feedback on the activation of the internal combustion engine, helping to measure the power output.
Use the new S500 plug
In Hybrid, mix S-
Class variants are now growing to three.
Mercedes-Benz has also launched the S400 hybrid, and overseas buyers can also choose diesel.
BlueTEC Hybrid S300.
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