thorpe thewles villagers fight power plant plans - battery energy storage

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-22
thorpe thewles villagers fight power plant plans  -  battery energy storage
Due to traffic and environmental concerns, plans to build an 18-meter-long power station near a village have been opposed.
Statera Energy Ltd wants to build a battery storage plant in Thorpe Thewles near Stockton.
At a public meeting on Friday, residents said there were more suitable locations than High Middlefield farms, which would not be able to cope with additional traffic.
The company said the plant would not produce air emissions, the noise was small, and there was very little traffic once it was built.
Bar owner John Cavanagh said the feeling in the village was "very negative" and "there must be a better site where they can use it ".
"Traffic will be a problem, especially on that road --
It's a very small road and some families do use it to walk the dog, and walk the dog's children.
"It will cause problems," he said . "
John Davis, who owns a bed and breakfast business in the village, said he was concerned that the developer might return to the original gas planpowered plant.
"The concern is that if it's a later gas plant, then the impact on the people who live here --
We're only 230 away from this place.
"It will be very, very bad," he said . ".
The developers have accepted that there will be interruptions when the station is built --
Up to 50 trucks a day, up to one year
But says it will be operated remotely once it is up and running.
Statera said the station will support the State Grid
During peak demand, power is on for a very short period of time and does not run continuously.
The Stockton autonomous city council is considering planning applications.
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