Why this new e-Golf shines light on two electric futures - buy lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-12-21
Why this new e-Golf shines light on two electric futures  -  buy lithium ion battery
I guess what I'm seeing is not one, but this week commenting on the two future of the car (nothing better than a practical gift that lights up the crystal ball ).
I'm driving a new Volkswagen. electric e-Golf.
This may not be the most eye-catching development in the electric vehicle (EV) field, but I think my stay in it gives me a real vision of tomorrow's contrast.
One is the old talk version, we all swing silently on the sparkling electric car, can't see the tail tube.
The other one is not good at all, especially since we didn't do anything, which filled it with regrets --
What do you do?
When we have a chance
If we continue to shuffle, we will eventually patch together the future of an electric car that is not good for anyone. Like the un-joined-
I 've been thinking about it, it's been such a long time since the two Luas lines were separated.
So as a government and society, either we go to "power on" or we cook half the kettle.
We don't have that much time.
Like a smart young man said to me recently: "The distance is very close to me.
"Yeah, you know.
Anyway, this is my personal view of the bad future.
I need to give e-Golf.
I want to take a quick boost of about 40 minutes to get my range back to more than 200 km (in eco mode ).
But there are not so many charging points around my neck.
In the cluster at the Stillorgan Luas station, there is a nozzle that is dirty and covered with clay.
Since I am not traveling in Luas, the notice warns that the money charge may be-
The pressure may be-€45 a day.
For Luas users, up to 4 euros per day.
So it's free, but you have to pay for parking.
It's time to rethink.
In town, the two points I chose from the app were occupied --one by a non-electric car.
Wet, miserable, cold.
I said I wouldn't be bothered if it was the future.
The thing is this car itself is great;
Silky, quiet
Quiet and pleasant driving.
I also got great adjustments through the app, direction and range monitor (my "eco" driving was rated 98 pc Blue score.
However, this does not close the distance of any charging station, nor does it reduce the trouble.
So I drove back carefully and charged overnight (14 hours) to get a 297 km range (in eco mode ).
The scene turned into a second brighter future: I planned it overnight --
The charging method can meet my needs, and can also meet the needs of further places.
For example, drive to Midland, 30-
Minutes boost in Enfield or kilbegan.
But I'm sure I can;
There must be enough fast chargers to do both Wexford and back.
To be honest, this uncertainty is the biggest enemy of electric vehicles.
In the range of 230 km (actually e-
As long as you can increase your reserves in a short period of time, the actual limit of golf is OK.
Although our current use rate of electric vehicles is low, we should show real intentions in this regard;
We either push and guide people to change or we play un gamesjoined-
Luas has been thinking for decades.
I know it sounds like a typical media review. It's not.
I believe this is a good thing for many people.
We have invested about 1,200 charging points.
Let's add more and make our goals High
Especially in urban areas.
Let's have incentives: No parking fees, no tolls, benefits --in-
Bus lane access.
It's either worth doing or not.
My days in excellent e-commerce
Golf shows it works.
Of course, the hybrid gives you double compensation (gasoline/electricity), which is my current choice for practical purposes.
But for many, 230 km/250 km of electric cars are loaded. I managed it.
The future of this electricity does not need to be a disruptive change at all. It's up to us.
I drove a lot for a few euros (night charge)
Road tax is only 120 euros
But the price is firm ).
It's a routine I'm used.
I just hope to have more options for promotion. That's the nub.
I'm not sure if we have enough heads to provide a charger cluster (for example, for those who live in an apartment ).
I was in Tokyo recently and saw how it coordinated;
The car battery will enter the public grid when it is really needed.
You must be joking.
But that's exactly what we need.
I like my email very much.
Golf, even after Boots and
The seating space is not very large.
But what a quiet, seamless drive it is.
The system glows in slow traffic and its recovery mode (Level 3) improves my range.
Ideal around town.
It was such a great car to drive (I never said that to get out of the golf course ).
This time benefiting from recent updates to the series, the most targeted is the new high
They claim to push the range of density battery packs and motors from 190 km to 300 km. The e-
Golf may not be a radical race for electric cars.
Change, therefore, but it certainly helps bring the distance "far away" closer. Volkswagen e-
Golf electric 5dr Hatch;
134bhp motor, 36 amps-
Lithium-hour (AH)ion battery.
Claim a range of 300 km; zero emissions; €120 road tax. On-the-
Road Price: EUR 35,665.
Standard equipment: 16ins alloy, adaptive cruise control, front assist/pedestrian monitoring; 9.
2ins nav system, external rear seat of Isofix anchors, "c" led dlrs, Hill Hold assist, voice control, waist support, electric/adjustable/heated mirror, electronics-
Golf'badgings, climatronic air conditioner, fast charging socket.
Option: technical upgrade (parking distance control, light assistant for high beam, light and vision package, folding mirror, display of activity information ).
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