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MeriTech Power Limited, a subsidiary corporation of JYC Battery Manufacturer Co. Ltd, which is a turnkey division of the JYC Group, focus on smart energy project and innovation pioneer.


Established in 1999, we have 21 years of energy professional experience and integrated solutions services in energy storage application industrial, and further reach the demands the smart & green energy era. We always believe that energy power the future, and MeriTech is ready and the best partner to provide you with the perfect smart power energy system solutions.


MeriTech proud of our excellent R&D teams and strong innovation capability, with state-of-the-art facilities, and strictly ISO standard manufacturing processes,  by effective management, and the awareness of being an industry leader in the supplier of Batteries, dedicated to manufacturing and design of LiFePO4 and lithium cells and integrated battery packs for Green Energy Storage Systems. Focus on alternative green energy from Lead Acid battery, and offer battery solution to Solar energy storage system, Telecom Station 48V system, 12 or 24V Boat and RV energy systems, etc.




MeriTech has been consistently developing very fast to a larger and larger with its own culture:

Customer-oriented, Pragmatic, Innovative, Collaborative, Honest.
with the spirit of honesty and sincerity and on the basis of the same belief, MeriTech is not afraid to face any difficulties and challenges with its matchless power to create, a sense of responsibility and a heart of tolerance.
MeriTech always stands together regardless of situation and devotes itself to the service of society and in the meantime, sharing its fruit with the whole society.
Employees are the precious treasure. MeriTech respects their work, and pays much attention to theirs views and suggestions about the company’s development. MeriTech sets up a harmonious working and living environment that fills with humanity, tolerance, equity and impartiality.
MeriTech member in the group has the same goal and the same interest. They support each other, depend on each other, work in collaboration with each other, study together, innovate together, strive together and develop together with the team.
Customer's satisfaction is MeriTech permanent pursuit. In order to consistently create maximum value for customers, MeriTech focus on our customers' market challenges and needs by providing excellent power supply solution and high quality products as well as best serivice, and giving top priority to meeting customer requirements to enhance their competitiveness and profitability.
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