Energy industry has been transformed from the existing thermal and nuclear power into the green energy such as solar and wind power. In addition, many efforts have been made for efficient production and consumption of energy. This is the energy trend, from energy mass production to consumption, for smart and eco-friendly use of energy. And energy storage devices stand at the center of trend. MERITSUN is leading the paradigm shift of future energy industry.


MERITSUN is creating the world of green energy with environment-friendly production of electric power and its smart use. Everywhere in the world: your home, power plant, large-sized office and mobile base station, Energy Storage System (ESS) goes with your everyday life.

MERITSUN’s Energy Storage System (ESS) technology is able to meet various needs of the users and provides customized solutions for the various purposes of the electric power market. Our Energy Storage System (ESS) provides not only economy but also strong reliability through its long-lasting life, safety and excellent performance. Spanning from the size of kWh to MWh, MERITSUN supplies various of Energy Storage System (ESS) Solution: residential, utility, commercial, UPS and base transceiver station - applicable to your everyday life, leading the green energy industry.




Application of Energy Storage System (ESS)

Providing a broad range of solutions, from the size of KWh to MWh.

MERITSUN provides a variety of solutions – from residential to large scale utility.