ESS Base Transceiver Station Solution Application


Reliable ESS Base Transceiver Station Back-up Power


A rapid penetration of internet and cloud computing makes it immeasurably important to ensure reliability and availability of data centers. MERITSUN’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the most reliable back-up power for data centers and helps to even minimize the total electricity consumption. 


Air conditioning systems account for approximately 40% of a data center’s total energy consumption. The broad operating temperature of MERITSUN Li-ion battery technology helps reduce operating costs by curbing the use of air conditioning in battery rooms. Furthermore, lithium ion batteries offer significant advantages in weight and energy density over lead acid batteries, so the investment costs for space to install and maintain the equipment can be drastically reduced. Our Battery Management System offers real-time monitoring and control of the system’s functions such as state of charge(SOC) .


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