Low Temperature Heating Battery

Features Of Low Temperature Lithium Battery Series

● standard size: standard model of lead-acid battery of the same size, easy to use.

● longer cycle life :>4000 cycles @1c 100%DOD.The cycle life of the battery is 20 times longer than that of the lead-acid battery, and the float/calendar life is 5 times longer, helping to reduce replacement costs and total cost of ownership.

● excellent safety - safe and stable chemical and integrated BMS: LiFePO4 is used with integrated BMS to ensure protection against overcharge/discharge, temperature and short circuit, providing the highest level of safety.

● more power: lead-acid batteries can be up to 2 times more power, uniform discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity.

● lighter: about 40 percent of the weight of similar lead-acid batteries.A "fully replaceable" lead-acid battery.

● very low self-discharge rate: can not be used for a long time.

● wider temperature range :-30℃~65℃.

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