Solar Street Light Solution


Solar/wind-driven street light is one of the major application areas of MERITSUN storage power.

MERITSUN successfully developed the "energy saving, low-carbon, green" street light intelligent control system with lithium battery. It takes full advantage of natural light and wind resources for power generation, and provides power for street lights through the storage and conversion of the lithium battery pack, without consuming the traditional electric supply.


• This product has a long life. The lithium battery has a service life of up to 8~10 years in trials;
• This product is affordable and reduces cabling cost;
• Lithium battery is well matched with LED light and photovoltaic module to reduce energy loss;
• The product can also conduct intelligent calculation for optimization and appropriately allocate power based on special conditions;

Solar street light system principle

The sun is a direct and free source of energy. leveraging renewable energy technologies, can convert that solar energy into electricity.

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