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2022 Top 5 Portable Power Station Companies

2022 Top 5 Portable Power Station Companies


1. Hello Tech

The global leader in portable energy storage, founded in 2011, initially engaged in the ODM business of traditional power packs. In 2016, the first lithium battery portable energy storage product was launched, mainly for outdoor camping, emergency disaster preparedness, and other scenarios. In terms of business model, the M2C model is adopted to form a full value chain integrating R&D, production, brand, and sales.

Deep layout at home and abroad, with online and offline efforts. The company has two major independent brands, among which, "Dian xiao er" is deeply distributed in the domestic market, and "Jackery" is rooted in Europe, America and Japan, and has become a leading brand in the vertical field of portable energy storage. At present, the online and offline channels of the company have been opened, and the sales are mainly online (in 21 years, the online sales revenue of the company's main business accounted for 86.9%).

Website: https://www.hello-tech.com/

2. EcoFlow

EcoFlow, founded in 2017, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on mobile energy storage and clean energy.

As a global leader in mobile energy storage and clean energy technology, EcoFlow has launched two product series around various typical power demand: Rui RIVER and De DELTA, covering multiple application scenarios such as home emergency, outdoor travel and professional work. The industry's original patented X-Stream lightning-fast charging technology can safely charge up to 80% in one hour, providing reliable portable energy solutions for users around the world.

Website: https://www.ecoflow.com/

3. PowerOak

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen PowerOak Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and innovation of distributed energy storage products and micro grid technology, grasps the internationally advanced new energy storage technology and complete energy storage battery application scheme, and is a global leader in the integration of photovoltaic energy storage, grid-connected two-way inverter, energy Internet management system, etc.

Website: https://www.poweroak.net/

Now it has developed into a leading manufacturer in the energy storage industry, with products sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, and branches in Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia, Nigeria and other major markets.

A total of 11 portable energy storage products with different capacities have been launched, covering 99~2000Wh, with a maximum weight of 28KG. In addition, a large capacity energy storage product with a capacity of 5100Wh and a weight of 83KG has also been launched.

4. MeritSun

MeritSun Power, focus on smart energy project and innovation pioneer. Established in 1999, have 23 years of energy professional experience and integrated solutions services in energy storage application industrial, and further reach the demands the smart & green energy era. Dedicated to manufacturing and design of LiFePO4 and lithium cells and integrated battery packs for Green Energy Storage Systems. Focus on alternative green energy from Lead Acid battery, and offer battery solution to Solar energy storage system, Telecom Station 48V system, portable power station, 12 or 24V Boat and RV energy systems, etc.

Since 2020, MeritSun has rapidly launched a number of new portable energy storage products by virtue of its profound accumulation in the field of energy storage, and launched the flagship MLT2450 (PowerStation 2450Wh) in 2022, which is the first time that the company has entered the portable energy storage market with power above 2000W. The MLT2450 focuses on safety and sustainability. It uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery cells and Bi-directional fast charging technology to provide a safe and durable power supply solution for outdoor travel and family emergencies.

Website: http://www.meritsunpower.com/

5. Anker

Founded in 2011, Anker Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest global consumer electronics brand enterprises in China, focusing on the design, R&D and sales of smart accessories and smart hardware. Enterprise business starts from online, and the main sales channels are Amazon, Ebay, Tmall, JD and other online platforms at home and abroad. Anker Innovation is committed to shaping Chinese consumer electronics brands in the global market, and through continuous innovation, it will bring leading products with scientific and technological charm to global consumers. It has successfully built the intelligent charging brand Anker, and successively launched Soundcore, eufy, Nebula and other independent brands, and launched the company's first 2000W portable power station in 2022.

Website: http://www.anker.com/

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