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A Thailand Factory Perfectly Powered by MeritSun 30kWh ESS Wall Mounted Battery

A Thailand Factory Perfectly Powered by MeritSun 30kWh ESS Wall Mounted Battery


Recently, the off-grid photovoltaic energy storage project in Thailand, which uses 30kWh Meritsun ESS Wall Mounted Battery, 18kw off grid inverter and 75kw solar panel, successfully generated electricity and was put into use to provide clean power to our customers factory equipment.


The project was located in a remote area of Thailand and was excellent installed in our customers factory. This off-grid photovoltaic energy storage system is equipped with 6 units Meritsun 48V5kWh Wall Mounted batteries and 6 units 48V3KW off grid inverters and 22 units 350W Mono solar panel.


The system uses the sun as energy to supply power day and night. Bringing vitality and power to customer factorys equipment, like the LED, production machine and research laboratory, etc. In addition to the normal use of the equipment during the day, the excess power is stored in Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery energy storage Lifepo4 batteries. The electricity stored at night can be converted into AC power by the inverter for use in the customer's factory, realizing that the power station does not depend on the external power grid for 24 hours non-stop operation. Even in the event of rainy weather, Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery can provide power for the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the factory. Compared with oil engines or generator, photovoltaic power system with Meritsun Lifepo4 battery has zero pollution, zero noise and is more economical.

Unlike grid-connected systems, off-grid systems with battery do not rely on the grid, but rely on the "storage and use" or "storage before use" working mode. For households in areas without power grids or areas with frequent power outages, off-grid systems with battery are highly practical and necessary. This puts forward strict requirements on the stability and reliability of the system, and has higher requirements on system security. Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery pack is a high-quality and reliability battery and Meritsun team has rich experience in application cases to deeply understand the problems and core demands faced by users and adapt to local market conditions. To provide users/customers with a innovative and green technology Lithium battery solutions. Since its operation, this system has achieved very good power supply guarantee, brought good economic benefits and application value, and won praise from customers.


Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery is a premium and green storage energy supply for household power needs, providing stable and uninterrupted power support.

It is convenient for capacity expansion, which supports up to 16 units in parallel connection for more energy request with long life cycle at 6000 times. Also Meritsun Wall Mounted Batteryis smart pack with LCD display for easy checking the battery status and RS232/485 communication interface to monitor by computer. Just easy play and plug use type.


Meritsun Power will bring a steady stream of clean Lithium battery energy to the world and promote the optimization of energy structure. Today, Meritsun Wall Mounted batteries have been widely used in many power energy applications at home and abroad. In the future, Meritsun will continue to innovate more highly technology and green lithium batteries to bring more light to the world.

By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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