12v gel battery How to make 12v Lighting for Caravan or Motorhome

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-12
12v gel battery How to make 12v Lighting for Caravan or Motorhome
Use standard home fixtures and use OnSolar 12 v bulbs in your RV!Have you been looking for quality low energy 12 v light fixtures for use in your RV?The good news is that you no longer need to use conversion accessories from the automotive industry.(Or our new powerful LED light) remove the standard AC plug and replace the appropriate 12 v connector for connecting to your vans 12 v DC power supply.You can even get a very good cheap light in the local used goods, charity shops, boots or street sales, converted and saved for special RV or RV use.
Bring your favorite bedside tables, tables and reading lights to create a perfect family atmosphere at night.Super efficient "a"/"rated"xa0The 12 v compact fluorescent lamp or bulb fills your RV with high-quality "ideal spectrum" lights.It only takes a little time to convert the normal AC 240 V bedside lamp to 12 v.
..The old bedside lamp was bought from a thrift store for about £ 2.00.We especially like this one because the base is of weight and is really marble or soapy stone.The next step is to replace it with a longer cable as this makes the lights more versatile.
The extended cable means that it can also be used for lighting outside the car home or on the awning, not just next to the bed.The second job is to handle it very well.12 v LED light bulb for solar energy.We chose 3 w LED in this case.The light output is amazing, comparable to the 20 w incandescent lamp.These are also special 3 w CCFL (cold cathode fluorescence) lamps, and their light distribution is slightly better or more uniform, but the brightness is not as good as the LED.
You may want to install a dedicated DC plug or cigar-type plug.Just plug the new bulb into the light fixture, just like the original 240 V light...The common bayonet (B22), Edison screw (E27/ES) and small Edison (SES/E14) Accessory lights can be provided by OnSolar.
You just need to choose your lights to match according to the accessories inside your lights.Of course, one must keep in mind that once the new 12 v solar bulb is plugged into the fixture, it cannot be plugged into the normal home 240 v AC power outletIt will be destroyed immediately!Job Done!Things are not so bad now...Easy isn\'t it.Now, if you are able to remove and install a "plug" compatible with your DC caravan socket, you can go home.
Most caravans use a special 2-pin plug and socket system to ensure that they are not confused with AC accessories.You can also use the "crocodile clip" of the 12 v battery directly (we like to see the small 2 or 3 amp blade/cartridge fuse used in these cases) or, if this is the vehicle you need to connect to a 12 volt power system, you may prefer to install a plug of a typical cigar lighter type.Click on the picture---Great, you have a light that you want to use!Yes, but what do I have to do to work on a 12 v DC?In essence, it is rarely necessary to convert conventional 240 v AC lamps/for low voltage 12 v DC applications.
The main consideration is the conditions.
Is the cable long enough? Is it in good condition?It is best to replace any cable that is too short (normal) or seems to have passed it.If the cable is damaged, worn or damaged in any way, please do not use any lights.What should I do if the cable needs to be replaced?If you can remove the cable from the bottom of the lamp by relaxing from the gland or grommet, there should be no big problem.
Release the cable so you have some slack and then screw the lamp head off the top of the lamp so you can disconnect the cable from the lamp head.Try positioning your lights in your RV to determine the approximate length of the cable you need.Polarity doesn't matter here, so keep using a new length 2-Core lighting flex (available from the local hardware super store ).
Prepare the new cable so that there is about 10mm bare copper on each wire, twist and bend so that about 5mm or so can be neatly inserted into the lamp holder screw connection.Pass the new cable section through the body of the lamp so that there will still be some slack, then unscrew the lamp head and let it securely connect to your lamp.Finally, pull the remaining cables through and check whether the equipment is safe.
If there is a switch on the base of the lamp, you may need to figure out where to cut the cable carefully so that you can connect the switch to the new cable (using the old cable as a template ).Night falls, fun is just beginning!LED lighting is the new kid on the block!Tight clearance height?The new OnSolar embedded installation LED bulbs will be suitable!Rated power is only 3 w (w), new type of surface or groove mounted LED lighting is a great choice for RV and RV/caravan use, or in this case, people need to be more conservative about power consumption.Do not confuse with some similar products, the new lights are provided for the convenience of installing walls or ceilings.
A short cable has been attached to the socket to make it easy to connect to the circuit of your choice.The light output is comparable to at least 20 w halogen lamps, so only two or three halogen lamps are usually enough to illuminate the space of a reasonable size.In addition, when installed in the correct position close to or over the bed, it is perfect for use as a reading light.
The technical details are as follows: power consumption is about 250ma.(About 1/4 or.Amplifier of 25), nominal 12 v dc, 3 W, 220 lumens, medium 4200 k color.Click on the picture above to see more details.
A range of special low energy 12 v compact fluorescent lamps have been developed in the UK and are ideal for use with almost any 12 v DC project.It is recommended that RV owners who want to use 12 volt lighting without wasting or using too much energy..12 v LCD widescreen TV with DVD player and Freeview!If you want to know more about it, such as how to re-Wire old lights or find out the wiring for 240 v to 12 v etc, we would love to make videos here or add some images to help you!Since dedicated 12 v compact energy-saving lamps can be used, the choice of using conventional household lamps for many "off-grid" projects is a reality.
We would love to hear about your project;What lighting bargains did you find at your local charity store?
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