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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-25

Hybrid systems combine two or more power generation modes using renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbines.Hybrid systems provide a high level of energy security through hybrid power generation methods that typically include storage systems (batteries, fuel cells) or small fossil-fuel generators to ensure maximum supply reliability and safetyThe solar and wind energy hybrid system is a good combination of offshore unmanned power generation platforms.Wind turbines are more expensive than large solar panels, so fewer panels are needed to power the load.Similarly, the combination of hybrid power and alternative power systems provides cost-effective remote power applications.It is more cost-effective than a large solar cell array.There are very few solar panels needed to power the load.The combination of the Sun and the wind will occur in all kinds of weather.It uses the voltage generated at the junction of two different metals to directly convert heat into electricity.Use natural gas as fuel to generate heat.This is a cost-effective, eco-friendly power supply solution.It also provides commercial access to oil and gas reserves, otherwise inaccessible.Lower carbon emissions from undersea power generation.It also reduces the environmental impact of oil exploration and production.Combining two or more hybrid power systems will make power production more stable and less likely to have a power outage in the absence of one power supply.Wind turbines can only generate electricity when exposed to the wind, and again, solar panels can only generate electricity when exposed to the sun.So solar panels are useless at night and on cloudy days.For the most reliable energy production, the hybrid system of alternative energy is undoubtedly very beneficial.If you need stable and continuous power production when you are off-grid, then it is best to add an engine-driven generator to your hybrid system.The purpose of this generator is to charge your battery in case there is no wind or sun to power one day.While this may seem convenient, the problem is that this generator requires a large supply of diesel, gasoline or propane.The amount of fuel required to supply an engine-driven generator will depend entirely on the size and number of batteries required.Hybrid systems take advantage of the best attributes of multiple systems in order to provide power within 24 hours, regardless of the time of day.If you have enough area in your place or skyline clearance and height plus quality wind throughout the year, then the hybrid system will be one of the best options to meet these power needs, instead of relying too much on the power grid provided by utilities.Also, it should be noted that by adding a battery system to this type of configuration, you can be completely detached-Therefore, the available monitoring systems for wind and solar energy also help to track the performance of these systems and the energy they generate.
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