exponential energy harvesting through repetitive reconfigurations of a system of capacitors - commercial energy storage systems

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-13
exponential energy harvesting through repetitive reconfigurations of a system of capacitors  -  commercial energy storage systems
In the traditional energy collection system, the fixed-
At a constant rate at the best level source.
The growth of harvesting energy is constrained by linear functions.
Here, we show that exponential energy collection can be realized in a system that can reconstruct energy storage components.
Due to repeated system reconfigurations, positive feedback of System Potential energy results in exponential extraction.
This concept is studied theoretically and verified by the results of the drop capacitor system.
Devices with three 300 µL μ l mercury drops can produce exponentially increased voltages that reach 168 v in a few low cycleslevel and low-
Frequency mechanical excitation.
The same device with water droplets can produce a similar growth voltage of 56 v.
This concept has potential application value in the field of DC power generation, and it may also be applied in other energy fields.
Rapid technological advances have made the world dependent on energy inseparable.
Extensive efforts have been made to improve energy.
Relevant science and technology, from the development of advanced storage devices and effective harvest plans to the development of modern policies and regulations.
The study is particularly interested in energy collection methods, which can be traced back to ancient times, as evidenced by the antique Watermill, which used water and electricity to maintain its functions.
Because in the modern world, electricity has become the main form of power supply, energy collection usually refers to power generation.
Recently, the demand for reliable in-place power generation in distributed and autonomous systems has spawned a large amount of research to collect energy from the environment.
In principle, power generation involves energy transfer across domains.
The table shows a list of traditional energy collection techniques.
In addition to the field of photovoltaic
Based on technology, the energy that can be extracted and converted into electric energy is determined by some macro changes in the energy state, such as mechanical oscillation in Mechanical and Electrical Technology, temperature difference in thermoelectric technology, and the concentration gradient in the electro-chemical technology.
In order to maintain a continuous conversion process, the energy from the source of the environment must be continuously coupled to the harvesting system, resulting in a repeated response of the Harvester, E. G. g.
, The vibration of the cantilever beam in the mechanical and electrical energy collector or the rotation of the turbine blade on the windmill.
In these conventional techniques, the energy coupled to the harvester in one cycle is converted into electricity and then withdrawn from the harvesting system.
Delivered storage or consumed by power load.
It is necessary to remove the energy of the harvest from the system, as the harvester needs to return to its original state to continue the next harvest cycle.
Therefore, the energy harvested does not help the harvest process. e.
No energy feedback was established.
The fixed level of energy creates a fixed response for the Harvester, and a constant energy extraction rate can be obtained at most.
The growth of harvesting energy is constrained by linear functions. In low-
Horizontal environmental sources, the extraction rate of traditional methods is often too low to be actually used, because the power generation is not enough to meet the adjustment requirements of storage or consumption.
In this study, a method was developed in order to extract energy from external sources at an exponential growth rate using the normal instability of positive feedback.
The results show that in the reconstructed energy storage element system, the positive feedback mechanism can be created through the appropriate and repeated system reconstruction process.
External energy can be reconfigured, and can be collected and stored exponentially without rectification in the system.
Since the rate of energy extraction is exponentially increasing, this method is particularly effective for distributed devices to extract energy from low energy
Level environment source, I. e.
The local environment thus makes the self
Power operation.
If applied to a system with high energy and power density, this method may become a feasible large
Scale power generation.
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