home energy storage Power bill soars

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
The government is preparing to reduce energy storage to 13.With the deterioration of the national energy situation, this ratio is 6.The Minister of Energy, Matthew MAFF, said Basslink lacked further information on repairing the underwater cable failure, which meant that the government needed to plan to extend the cutting time.
The groom said storage levels are expected to drop to 13.If Basslink still stops using, there will be more adverse developments by May 1, and the inflow of the dam system is very low.Basslink has not found a fault and has not provided an update since it informed the government that it will not be able to meet its target date of March 19.
Currently, there are 16 energy reserves in the state of Tasmania.8%, down 0.According to the latest situation last week, 7%.The groom said users of residential and industrial electricity would not be forced to reduce energy consumption.
He also said the government is more inclined to increase energy generation options, such as 200 MW of container diesel.xa0It is now purchased by hydro.Hydro said it would continue to maintain close ties with major industries and be open to suggestions from industries that wish to voluntarily reduce their burden.The purchase and installation of diesel generators in the state will cost $44 million and is expected to cost $11 million per 100 MW per month.
Hydro Tasmania estimates that the cost of running a diesel generator will be three or four times higher than the 208 MW combined cycle generator running the Tamar Valley power station or the estimated marginal Basslink import cost.Mr. Groom said that the first batch of 100 MW container diesel generators is expected to be put into use by the end of March 10, and the first batch of containers may be completed before.Another 100 megawatts of diesel will be put into use by the end of April.
Opposition Leader Bryan Green says the groom is responsible for "the most expensive energy issue in the state's history.He said the decision to dismantle and close the Tamar Valley joint recycling system at the end of last year will continue to plague the government.It is not clear how many containers need to be opened and what time period they will run, although Hydro Tasmania chief executive Steve Davy said that unless the situation improves, otherwise at least some generators will be switched and run continuously.
MAFF said the government wanted to minimize the costs associated with temporary power generation, but said emergency measures were needed to help meet the future energy needs of the state of Tasmania.About possible compensation.On the grounds of a complicated contract, he declined to disclose specific options.Franklin greenmha Rosalie Woodruff said that under the leadership of Temco and Bell Bay aluminum, the possibility of the industrial sector choosing to voluntarily reduce fuel loads could raise concerns about the state.
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