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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-25

Home energy auditors use tools to measure stress and leakage in homes and their energy systems.In addition to the traditional contracting tools, auditors use blower doors, pressure gauges, infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, gas sniffing machines, and smoke pencils/machines.Blower doors are the loudest and largest weapon in the arsenal of energy auditors.Its name describes what it does well.There is a metal frame at the door of a family.In addition to a small hole, this frame is attached to an air-tight seal covering the entire door area.There was a fan sitting in that hole and the fan blew the air into the house.The purpose of the blower door is to increase the air pressure at home until it is higher than the outside pressure.The difference between the two is determined by using a device called a force meter.The pressure gauge measures the pressure and compares the relative pressure.The air always moves in the lower pressure direction, so when the internal pressure is higher than the external pressure, the air leaks from the interior.Families with better insulation, tighter sealing and less leakage can easily achieve and maintain high pressure.The energy auditor determines the level of air tightness of the household by measuring the air that must fan in before reaching high pressure.If a lot of air needs to be added, then that means there are many places where air is leaking.If it is easy to reach high pressure, then the house is well sealed and insulated.Most families, especially the elderly, do not pass the blower door test.Poor sealing, cracks and inexpensive (or non-existent) insulation can cause air to leak out of the house.The next step is to find out where this leak happened.To do this, the energy auditors use infrared cameras.Like the blower door, the infrared camera is also properly named.It is a camera and viewing device that detects infrared rays.Energy auditors can use this equipment to find out where air enters or leaves the building.They can then take photos of the problem area and report to the contractor who will address them.Sometimes, auditors will also use a cigarette and fog pencil to find the place where the water leaks.These devices smoke and then escape through cracks and poorly sealed doors and windows.This time, auditors can look at the problem with their own eyes.Smoke pens or smoke machines are also useful in determining the energy efficiency of stoves and water heaters.The water heaters and stoves are similar to the whole home because they are more effective when they are sealed.Smoke machines help auditors determine if there are leaks or cracks in these devices.Another device used to help find a leak is a flammable gas sniffing device.Keep in mind that families don't spend money on heating and they spend money on gas that is used to make heating.When the gas leaks out of the leaking valve, the money in the family budget is lost.The gas sniffing detects whether the gas leaks from the stove or water heater.As mentioned above, the force meter is an important tool to determine how airtight the house is.It is also useful in measuring the efficiency of the furnace and the water heater.The stove and water heater are located in what the auditors call the CAZ or the burning equipment area.Auditors use a force meter to create "worst case" for CAZ ".First of all, they open the air processor and exhaust fan at home.They then use a force meter to find out which parts of the family are pressurized and which parts are decompressedpressurized.Doors to de-When the door to the pressurized chamber is closed, the pressurized door remains open.This will createThe pressurized environment makes it difficult for CAZ to complete the work.By measuring the pressure in the CAZ exhaust, in this worst caseIn the case scenario, the auditor can determine whether improvements to the CAZ must be made.Another useful tool for analyzing CAZ is the combustion analyzer.These tools are used, among other things, to measure temperature and CO emissions.When the CAZ is in full operation, the sensor of the combustion analyzer is placed in the smallest unit of the CAZ.Once the device is turned on, the analyzer will determine when a stable temperature will be reached.At this point, carbon monoxide levels are measured.If these levels are too high, work must be done on the unit in order to improve efficiency.These state-of-the-Art tools helps WellHome inspectors to verify that the energy usage of the home is at its best.BPI certification guarantees they know-How to use these tools skillfully.This also means that they have the wisdom to ensure the success of your home improvement project.Sometimes, fancy gadgets are not enough.Typically, more basic tools are needed for home energy audits.Tape measurements are used to determine the square feet of the room, floor and the entire house.To compare square feet to air pressure, complex math and reasoning skills are required.WellHome auditors have been rigorously tested to ensure that they have the wisdom to do the job.The family needs it.Certification Review of Portuguese investment bank.WellHome inspector: experts using countriesof-the-21 century energy solutions require 21 century tools.Homestar plans to offer tax rebates for energy-efficient homes, but new equipment is necessary to verify the efficiency of the home.The WellHome inspector is very proficient in this equipment.In addition, they are able to verify that the efficiency of a home has improved, allowing these rebates to pass.You need the best technology and knowledge when you want to renovate your househow.Well home inspector has thisIt's certified.They are confident to have the best equipment and experience.You can be confident to know that you have picked the best in the industry.This is your home.This is your budget.With your home and wallet, there is a BPI certification in your pocket and WellHome is the right choice for your home energy future.
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