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  -  lifepo4 battery pack 12v
Update: at 20: 57 on March 20, 2010, it was the car that pushed the UK.
Since its launch in 60 years, it has sold about 5 million Transits.
Not many of us have taken advantage of this old girl for the big things of life: Going to college, moving.
This is a key gear in the operation of the country, but we all forget that when a person appears in the rear --view mirror.
When all you can see is his beer belly, old sugar paper and Sunday sports on the dashboard, it's easy for the white van guys to be finalized.
So I think I should be on his side.
The price of a sports car is 26,590, nearly six more than the standard 260, but it is 2. 2-
Instead of the usual 85 hp, however, a liter of turbo diesel produces 138hp.
The earliest means of transport was built in 1965 at the Lanley plant in Ford.
The victorious Hawker Hurricanes have been created, although they are now making them in Hampshire, not far from my home (transit, not hurricane ).
From the very beginning, it was a good-
Search for cars: Google Images search for "mark 1 transi" for popular topics of nostalgia.
They had a wider track and a better balance compared to the existing UK vans and quickly caught up.
By the age of 70, the crossing had reached the status of a cult, thanks to a rumor (at least I think it was a rumor) that 95 of all robberies involved one.
When I thought about podi and Doyle jumping into Capri to chase a bunch of masked daggers, eight or nine of them were the vehicles they wanted.
So ideally I would take this to London's Docklands and drive high-speed through some cartons, but now there are a lot of skyscrapers and I took a different strategy and invaded France.
In any case, I still have work to do there, and taking a van is an opportunity to show the French what they missed.
Unlike Germany, China and all other industrialized countries, the French do not use transport: Lamb van Blanco drives a Renault, Peugeot or Citroen van. What a chump -
I think confidently.
You see, as I roll down the ramp of Calais, I know I'm driving more than just a new, improved 7 th car --
Transit with sat generation
Navigation and parking sensors (which is a great thing), but this is a sporty version that is one of the only 80 in this color mix.
White is the preferred color for all vehicles, but not many vehicles have blue stripes on the hood, with oversized wheels, spoiler, skirt and gorgeous double row gas installations in every corner
The price of a sports car is 26,590, nearly six more than the standard 260, but it is 2. 2-
The upgraded turbo diesel produces 138hp instead of the usual 85.
However, this is mainly about the toolkit.
It's a luxurious loadlugger.
Most of the transport I 've seen has seven years of Ginsters pasties and Yorkie bars, which have more cabin noise than World War II bombers.
By contrast, it's quiet, the air
Air conditioning and comfort, with power windows and mirrors, cruise controls, leather seats and shiny metal debris here and there.
Also, each cabinet and small room has 12 V power outlets (lots of them, and a table) so you'll never have to move your eyes off the road to reach your tea --
Production facilities.
Sorry. I mean, cell phone charger.
Drive this and you will be able to adapt to a certain mold soon.
As I took off the toll road, I left the chef's standards behind and filled the taxi with kits, Mars bars and soft drinks.
There are many cups-
Supports and tool boxes that help solve this problem.
On the road, it is very good, the track is wide and low
The tires are put together to give a car. like feel.
It cleverly passes through six gears, and the thick leather gear stick is placed on the dashboard as high as Fiat 500. The factory-installed sat-nav is a five-
I can't understand the "fx" of the inch color at all (luckily I brought my own TomTom), but the sound system is ace.
With the increase in mileage, there was a big smile on my face, not all the candy, but the way to drive: It was great.
I was planted in the middle lane a few hours ago and chewed a few miles effortlessly.
Ford logo (left) and radio/sat-
Until, that is, there was a little noise around my knee.
At first, it sounds like a bicycle pump and then develops into a mature, get-the-hell-off-the-road banging.
So, I pulled into a service station and jumped out to have a look, because all the gos and Picassos I had been overtaking for the past two hours went.
I opened the hood but couldn't see anything wrong, so I looked down on my limbs --nothing -
Then circle around the back, inside, above and below to try to solve the problem.
The engine started well and there was no complaint in the tick
It's over, but I put it on with one hand and it's like a horse with swollen gas.
When I realized that the turbine must have exploded.
The "movement" on this sports car, the secret of all its power, disappeared --
150 miles from the Strait and 300 miles from my home. Brilliant.
Let's say the sweets and French pastries I 've collected are very useful as I hobbled back on the road at the highest speed of 50.
But the best has not yet arrived.
When I crawled in a language that would make a white van pale, the gearbox rang: first third, then fifth, let me embrace the slow lane like a barge, now not only the twins and piccasos, but also the Belgians, I swear, on a steam roller at a certain point.
I drove into my driveway at three o'clock A. M. , crashed, woke up and looked out of the window, you know?
My love for lingri has not faded at all.
Like Dad's Army or Les Dawson's piano.
Play and it's great even if it doesn't work.
In fact, I think it's going to collapse and move on anyway, and it's almost the perfect British car of this era.
Now please stand up and play the national anthem. £26,590, ford. co. uk Engine 2. 2-litre four-
Cylinder turbocharged diesel power 138hp maximum torque 1,800 nm-
2,400 rpmTop speed 110mph Transmission Six-
Speed manual load capacity 890 kg, 6.
5 cubic metal standard with 18in alloy, ABS with electronic braking force distribution, ESP brake assist, 6-
CD/radio, air-
Con, cruise control, power window, powith hydraulic heating rearview mirror, side skirt, extended wheel arch, car lights and wipers, load
Optional add-on Sat-area case
Nav (£ 945), leather seat (£ 800), rear parking sensor with bumper steps (£ 200) Audi is expanding its e-commercetron' electric-
Car Plan: starting with the R8-based sports car, the company has now installed it on the smallest car, the upcoming a1.
Unlikely to be before 2013.
There is a battery pack on the floor of Tron (below) and a 254cc Wankel rotary engine at the back, together, it offers a maximum speed of 81 miles per hour and a range of 155 miles (31 miles for battery only ).
The fuel economy is amazing 149mpg.
Is Saab's trouble over? now it's owned by the Dutch small sports company.
Spyker, a car manufacturer?
A good sign is the next 9-5 -
On ice from 2008. is out soon. It has XWD all-
Wheel Drive for Electronics Co. , Ltd-
Slip, Adaptive Chassis Control, and dual-engine range of horsepower-litre turbo-
Diesel to 300hp 2. 8-6 liters of gasoline
Inside is a fighter. style head-
Show, keep the spirit of Saab.
Return full-
A year ago, workers at Toyota's two British factories had high hopes for the new rav4 after working hours were shortened.
It has a new hood, bumper and grille to match the 2010 Toyota "face", leatherand-
The Alcantara seat and the full range of optimal drive engines for manual, automatic or continuous variable transmissions.
It is sold in spring.
Meanwhile, Toyota's son
The Lexus brand launched its first compact sedan,
Door CT 200 h (illustration ).
Due to the start of sales later this year, it will have an electronic continuous variable transmission a 1. 8-
Gasoline engine and motor, at 28 miles per hourbut only for 1. 2 miles.
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