lifepo4 rechargeable battery How to Freeze NiCad Batteries

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

Nickel-The CD battery, also known as the NiCad or NiCd battery, is a rechargeable battery made of Oxidized nickel-hydrogen oxide and metal cadmium.They are usually used in household appliances such as laptops, cameras, cameras and power tools.Rechargeable batteries lose efficiency over time, which means that the time they can power the product begins to decrease.They will eventually die and need to be replaced.Frozen batteries are a way to help restore the efficiency of NiCad batteries.Remove the NiCad battery from the electronic device.Place the battery in a sealed plastic bag.Seal the bag.Put the battery in the fridge for an hour.Remove the battery from the refrigerator.Tap the bottom of the battery or battery pack with a screwdriver's ass for a minute.Frozen Cell crystals make them more vulnerable.The vibration caused by the impact breaks the crystal.This helps restore the function of the battery crystals, enabling them to remain charged for a longer period of time.
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