lithium ion battery price Claims Australian navy will be at risk from 'exploding batteries' if subs built by Japanese

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-15
lithium ion battery price Claims Australian navy will be at risk from \'exploding batteries\' if subs built by Japanese
Japan said publicly that it wouldThe Collins-class submarine replacement fleet's tech lithium-ion battery could put Australian navy personnel at physical risk, with rival French bids saying the public's scramble for the $50 billion contract has escalated sharply.It means that the gloves are good in three months.The contest between France, Japan and Germany, French shipbuilder DCNS, also warned Australia that it would bear Japan's strategic baggage if it strengthened its ties with Chinese historical rivals through submarine trading.
The company even proposed that if Australia were to marry Japan through any submarine deal, it would be dragged into future conflicts between North Asian giants.The company's chairman, Herve Guillou, and deputy chief executive, spoke to Australian journalists in Paris this week.xa0Mary-Pierre de Bailliencourt said that lithium-ion battery technology has not fully developed to be available on submarines, and it is dangerous to do so before it is perfected.
"We know that the technologies used today are the same as those used in cars and cars, and they will explode," MS Bailliencourt said."The people of Australia ask us to provide proven technology and proven solutions ...... [Safe for submarine personnel, safety plan --Cost wise and safewise .
..What I want to say is that there is no mature lithium ion technology yet.The leader of the French bid said Japan was forced to use more advanced lithium-ion batteries instead of traditional lead-acid batteries because otherwise their ship was not far enough for the Australian Navy for our needsMS Bailliencourt said Japan proposed to install lithium ion "because they were unable to complete the design of the vessel on a diesel engine ".They did not reach this range.This is a very risky thing.These are the latest comments that are increasingly bald.
There was a chaotic spin quarrel between the three bidders, and they were locked together --The Department of Defense is responsible for protecting the "competitive assessment process" to select partners from Australia to design and build 12 new ships for delivery starting in early 2030.Japan plans to put lithium-ion batteries into its own Soryu class submarine, starting with submarines that are now being built, meaning they will be tested before Australian submarines appearxa0Built.In a strongly-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the main contractor for Japan's bid, strongly worded that the batteries "have been subjected to strong, complete verification tests", including tests for short batteriesShort Circuit, impact-Resistance, immersion in seawater and heat.
"The results of these tests clearly indicate that reliability is not a problem," Mitsubishi said in a statement .".Supporters of Japan's bid believe such a deep defense relationship will strengthen the Indo-China alliance network.In the face of China's rise, the views of Pacific democracies resonate even more, as Beijing's confidence in places like the South China Sea has become bolder.
But MS Bailliencourt and Mr.
Guillouxa0He said that the partnership with France will also bring strategic benefits without falling into the historical dilemma of Northeast Asia.Choosing Japan for strategic reasons may mean that Australia is "dragged into the third country's own political affairs," for example, "If there is a war between Japan and China because of the islands, because of the business route ".When asked if she suggested that Australia be involved in the war with China, she said: "I have not made any suggestions.
Make your own conclusions.
"We know Japan and China.
There is still a long way to go in history between the two countries.We absorbed the Germans.French wars.We fought with them...We are long friends.But reconciliation between China and Japan has not yet begun.The DCNS leader denied the widespread view that the United States is quietly inclined to Australia's choice of Japan.
In fact, Japan has been trying to lobby for American support, but in Washington, they say
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