lithium ion cell 10 Products That Use Solar Energy

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-09
lithium ion cell 10 Products That Use Solar Energy
Solar energy refers to the energy emitted by the Sun, which is used to generate heat or electricity.This type of energy supply is sufficient and is considered very eco-friendly when converted to available power.So people have invented many ways to use this powerful energy resource to benefit our day --to-day activities.
I remember the first gadget I 've ever seen that uses solar energy is a solar calculator.This is an amazing invention that drives the use of solar energy.With the rapid development of technology, solar energy has a lot of creative applications in today's market.
Some successful applications include solar Earth satellites, roof-mounted solar panels to heat water or provide alternative power supplies for homes, solar power plants, greenhouses, and solar cars.However, in this center, I would like to show 10 products using solar energy that are convenient, reasonably priced, and user-Friendly to ordinary consumers.1.Today, most gadgets like smartphones, laptops, electronics, etc.
Book readers, iPod, digital cameras, etc.
powered by a charger.
If you're still using a gadget with an AA battery, you can switch to a more eco-friendly, more economical rechargeable battery.The problem is that you can't keep using these gadgets when the battery is low, so you need to charge them.This is what can happen in frequent travel, outdoor enthusiasts and emergency situations.
With a solar charger, you can charge your electronics anywhere with solar energy.2.I don't remember how many times we went through that we couldn't start because of the car battery discharge.Maybe because the car is not used for the time being, or the lights in the parking lot are accidentally turned on.
You can't have a roof-Install solar panels in your car to charge your car's battery.It's still too expensive.However, this solar car battery charger provides a mini alternative solution to this problem.All you need to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet of the car and let the solar panel absorb the sun and your car battery will be charged.
This is another cool way to use clean green energy.3.With the advent of many gadgets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or BlackBerry Playbook, many have also purchased and used wireless keyboards.These keyboards require batteries, and unless you have additional new batteries, you can't use them without the battery running out of power.
What you need is this solar keyboard.
Solar cells work in the sun or in any light to keep your keyboard fully charged at all times and ready to use.4.Solar-Solar-The electric watch has solar panels that absorb sunlight or artificial light.The light is then converted into electrical energy and stored in rechargeable batteries such as lithium-ion batteries.
This stored energy is used to power the watch at night or when it is not exposed to light.Exposing the watch to light will automatically charge the watch battery.With this watch, there is no need to buy a new battery when your watch is out of powerInstalling a new battery will not cause trouble for the watch repairman.
As a food technical expert, I am familiar with the use of solar water dehydrator.These devices preserve them by using the heat of the sun to dry food such as fruit or fish.But cooking with the heat of the sun is something I haven't done before.
Now it is possible to use a solar oven or cooker.This solar device can be used to bake bread, biscuits, pizza, muffins or whatever you cook in the oven.Surprisingly, it can only be cooked with the power of the sun and does not require fuel.
Water bottles are used by almost everyone.But this water bottle is different.It is solar.This is perfect when you or your child go camping or hiking.Not only will you have a water bottle, but you can also use it as a flashlight or night light.
Solar panels and LED lights are built into the waterproof cap.This is a handy and affordable gadget worth buying.7.Always on the journey?You then need a multi-functional bag to put in all your "inseparable" things like your phone, laptop, digital camera, MP3 player and other gadgets.
Now, this solar backpack has a removable solar pocket that can take advantage of the power of the sun to charge all your handheld electronics.It's perfect to take a hike or a camping trip to keep your gadgets charged and working.8.Want to improve the heating or air conditioning conditions at home?There is no need to spend a lot of money because you can reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning at home.
Try these solar curtains.
All you need to do is hang these between the curtains and the windows.The sun curtain prevents heat loss when the weather is cold and reflects the heat back to the room.When the weather is very hot, the light of the sun does not penetrate the house and heat it.
People like to decorate their houses, shrubs, umbrellas or doorways on special occasions such as Christmas holidays.Now, it is very beautiful and economical to use these solar lighting to decorate the house.During the day, solar panels collect solar energy and use stored energy at night.
By contrast, the price of Solar lights is a little more expensiveBut you will save energy costs in the long run.10.The most common toy for my child is battery powered.We always buy rechargeable batteries for these batteries to save every time we buy a new one.
Imagine if there is a way to use solar cells in these toys, just like in a solar car?This is a lot of saving and environmental protection.Watch the video below to see how you can make your own solar toy car.These 10 are just samples of creative use or application of solar energy.
If you look more closely at the market, there are still more applications that can prove the good use of solar energy
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