lithium ion rechargeable battery an outstanding and durable rechargeable battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-27
Charging the battery is the ultimate convenience!Have you ever wondered if it is necessary to charge the battery for a long time?Is this the first time you use them?What battery has a memory effect?What is the best battery?These and other questions will help you to select the best project.In general, there are basically four types of rechargeable batteries that are common in the market: Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd)· Nickel-Metal hydrogen (Ni-Lithium ion (Li-), lithium ion (MH)Ion)· Lead-Acid, but when it comes to the latter acid, they are only used for vehicles and equipment that normally do not interfere with their batteries, such as uninterrupted power systems (UPS ).#1 full load before you use a rechargeable battery for the first time-LongerMyth: You have to load them until the indicator shows they have been loaded for an hourat least.
If you let them connect for some more time, they may be damaged, and although most batteries and chargers have overload protection circuits, it is better not to tempt fate.Whenever we see that the battery has finished loading, it is better to disconnect from the network. This is an important factor because the first loading is a myth and a legacy of battery nickel --cadmium (Ni-Cd).
#2 must be loaded only when the battery is fully discharged-Fact: It depends on the type of battery.Lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid do not have any memory effects that can be loaded at any time.Nickel-For example, the technology used in rechargeable batteries is metal hydrogenation, which is really affected by this, but in his case metal hydrogenation is very small and negligible.
The nickel-However, if you have a memory effect and it is necessary to take this precaution, the CD battery.This type of battery is being Ni-MH is used in almost all functions, such as in high-end cameras.Its biggest advantage is its long life, between 1,000 and 1,500 charge/discharge cycles (than lithium-ion or Ni-MH).
Chargers-However, the professional chargers for these batteries have a discharge system, so when plugged in the charger, the first thing you have to do is download it completely before loading from scratch to avoid possible memory effects.#3 if you want to use it for a long time, it is best to save the battery: store a battery that has been used for a long time, maybe he is a middle zone: neither charging nor discharging, but charging about half.In fact, one only needs to look at all the electronic devices with batteries that often have the same part of the rechargeable battery when they are out of the box, accounting for about 40% of its total capacity.
This is the ideal load for our storage.
Storage of a battery that has been fully discharged for a long time can cause irreparable damage (making it impossible for him to never be reloaded), and if the store may lose some capacity (about 20% ), full charge
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