lithium iron battery Parkes woman warns others to keep an eye on their devices

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-26

At about two o'clock A.M. one morning, Parkes woman Beverly Luo woke up to hear the broken glass.She thought it was one of her windows in the house and jumped out of bed but couldn't find the source.Until a month later-Monday-Bev went to charge her iPad because she hadn't used it for a while and that's what she found out.The lithium battery inside the IPad exploded or expanded inside, tearing the device and breaking the screen."I'm sure I heard the broken glass sound and the power of the battery was so strong that it was pushed a part of it," said Bev ."."It was a terrible thing, it was just sitting on the coffee table in the lounge...Thankfully it is not connected to the power supply.We were lucky that the house was not burned.Bev says the iPad is only 18 months old.Her near-Miss experience forced her to warn others of their equipment."I found some electrical advice and it's still unstable and I don't know how to deal with it," she said .".
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