storage battery Main function of seven chakra healing products

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
The seven chakra is often written, and although the basic principles and definitions are generally consistent, the performance of the chakra system may vary slightly.The Chakra is usually displayed in the opposite order (7-1) the name of each Chakra may also be slightly different compared to the grid below, so where applicable, the alternative is shown here.When the chakra is open and free, it stimulates feelings and behavior based on the ones listed.
When the chakra is blocked or closed, these feelings and behaviors are suppressed, resulting in negative feelings derived from their respective emotions or instincts.Because they work with pure energy in higher frequency fields.In many cultures, number seven is a sacred number.
Among the Babylonians, Egyptians and other ancient peoples, there are seven sacred planets.Each chakra is also related to feelings and elements.The Chakra is not even the real "body"-it is the spiritual connection we have with everything.
It's on the body above our heads.
Use and placement: 1.
The main function of the seven-pulse healing product is to clean the stagnant negative energy into positive energy.2.The 7 pulse wheel treatment products are composed of 7 layers of different gems.Each layer includes a gem that matches the mental energy of the 7 main chakra in our body, and in a similar arrangement these layers can be seen, from the bottom (Kundalini red) to the top (crown chakra purple ).
Each of our Chakra has its own unique healing color, which is the same color that appears in the rainbow.4.These pure spectral colors can be used to strongly influence the senses and balance the body, mind and soul.5.: Ether, emotion, spirit, Starlight, ether template, celestial body and Ketheric template.
Healing crystals and gems are also available in each chakraThe coordinated pulse wheel color can be used in crystal healing.7.The Chakra crystal is a tool that can be like a battery of thought energy."Clean up" is related to the energy of a stone or crystal.
They will also help us create situations in our lives and lead us in the direction of positive growth and healing.8.There are a lot of ways to use the seven-pulse wheel treatment product, but this is a simple and effective way-make sure you are not disturbed.Hold your new crystal under the running water, close your eyes as the water flows past it, imagine all the negative energy being washed away, washed away by the vast ocean, purified by the cycle of life.
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