storage battery Pumped hydro action in Tasmania

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
The state of Tasmania will expand its hydropower capacity at a cost of more than $3 billion.xa0Have the potential to provide enough extra energyxa0Half a million housesTwo large pumped storage projects involving MerseyIn the Great Lakes and Burbury lakes, the fourth scheme and one scheme will be checked,xa0Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Prime Minister will Hodgman revealed on Thursday that there are nine other small projects.As we transition to the future of lower emissions, they say, the government will begin to expand the state's water and electricity systems to "provide affordable, reliable power ".
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will support the feasibility study of the Tasmania state hydropower project, they said.xa0Evaluation of the pumping hydro scheme and expansion of the Gordon and tallaria power stationsxa0Checked.Mr Turnbull said an extended Tasman hydro system could provide enough power to 500,000 households.
"The proposed expansion was carried out on the basis of the Snowy 2 plan.And support the Turnbull government to adopt a technology-neutral approach to affordable and reliable electricity, "Turnbull said."Strengthen water and electricity in tazhouThe potential of electricity and renewable energy will provide new economic opportunities.
"Pumped hydropower can further stabilize the national electricity market and support additional wind investment in the state.Such expansion will increase energy security in Tasmania state and enable it to obtain more export funds from exporting electricity to the mainland.The second BasslinkThe cable type connecting the mainland has been proposed, which proponents believe will support the expansion of the wind farm.
John Tamblyn's study of the second cable was released on Thursday.He found that there may be benefits for another cable, but it will depend on the growth of the national energy system and the national energy market.The state government will consider Dr. Tamblyn's proposal to speed up the detailed business case of the second cable.
Pumped storage is considered to be a battery for intermittent renewable energy such as wind energy.Hodgman says the state wants Tower statexa0Become the "renewable energy battery" of the country ".He said the state plans to invest about $1 billion over the next 10 years to maintain and renovate existing hydropower assets.
Hydro Tasmania welcomed the announcement, saying the state of Tasmania was "uniquely positioned to help Australia cope with the energy challenges "
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