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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
There is no such thing as "clean coal.Taxpayers have invested $0.59 billion since 2009 to try to find this elusive "clean coal technology ".Results: None of the modern high-efficiency, low-emission coal-fired units.Bloomberg New Energy Finance has just released a report on the new super cost.
Critical coalAustralia's power plant, which the coalition government likes to call "clean coal ".It confirms the theory that this will be the "most expensive form of new energy supply" that the federal government may choose to invest in, and can even discount future carbon liabilities.Let's stay away from the coal cash register and leave wonderland, recognizing that Australia's future energy mix will be driven primarily by the economics of battery storage and customer independence.
The battery storage industry is home to thousands of jobs in the future.If the Trump administration accepts the arrangement between Australia and the Obama administration, the implementation of this arrangement must be of great concern.As far as I know, most people have been declared refugees, but the United States still insists on "extreme censorship ".
How many protection measures will there be to ensure that refugees are given a fair hearing?If we assume that some people are allowed to enter the United States, it will violate the policies of the Trump regime, and it is counter-productive no matter how it is dressed upIslam.The alliance would be happy to place these people in a hostile environment.The solution is simple-to allow them to enter Australia, and we will not see the United States for the benefit of some returns.
What does it take to change Australia Day to another date?If Japan or Germany won World War II with sophisticated weapons and residents decided to move to our spacious country, bringing in a new culture and language, more than 200 years later, will we still celebrate the Invasion Day?I doubt it
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