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ALL IN ONE POWER HOUSE--Bring your power support anywhere

ALL IN ONE POWER HOUSE--Bring your power support anywhere


Having a solar system with backup power can greatly free you from annoying blackout and expensive electricity bill.

A model with inverter and battery pack built-in together is what many solar fans desire for,more convenient in control,more easy in installation.


MeritSun always focus on independent research and development to meet different market needs,that’s why this ALL IN ONE POWER HOUSE comes.


“It takes me lot of time to study different brands of inverters to fit the batteries,but finally I found that’s not a big difference,just mare sure you set it up correctly。”

“MeritSun is the only one makes me know this machine can be that beautiful like a decoration,  with portable wheels, I can’t love it tool much.”Feedback from one of our America client.

The Meritsun All in one powerhouse mainly designed for indoor and outdoor application.

The Main function is as below:

· Integrated with hybrid off grid inverter+lifepo4 battery pack built-in,simple plug&play

· Intelligent BMS balancing&protection system built-in,away from any damage of over charge/discharge/current/temperature etc.,

· Portable design with wheels and lighter weight,indoor and outdoor workable noiselessly

· Super Long lifetime:More than 6000 cycle life @80% DOD,serve you from day to night

· With WIFI support via Mobile Phone APP& LCD display of battery and inverter,real time monitoring

· Triple input: Solar energy charging, Utility Grid charging and Diesel Engine charging,no need to worry during the days without sunlight

Maybe most people think this ALL IN ONE is designed to be applied to households only,how about some enterprise or commercial use?

Of course totally workable!

This model also designed for some business storage backup like food truck and cafe,shops etc.,even bring it with a journey on your RV or camping.

Anywhere it needs power supply,anywhere this ALL IN ONE can be nearby.   

This creative design will help more people to get into the solar field without too much complicated study,MeritSun has already built one good enough for you.

When you want to expand to larger storage system,how convenient it would be when you just need to parallel more units,without adding too much complicated cables,you don’t even have to call and make an appointment with installation guys.

For some replacement of expired lead-acid system,just connect this ALL IN ONE with the charging input then you can be more easy to get the power supply.  

No need to check and reset parameter of inverter and battery separately,everything is clear in one place.

MeritSun is still on the way to offer more intelligent design to assist more people to find their affordable ways to enjoy the FREE&GREEN energy from the best sun.

Because,MeritSun,is the best power in the Sun! 

By Vitamin Li

MeriTech Power Limited

MeriTech is a professional LiFePo4 battery manufacturer since 1999, focus on alternative smart energy storage application. We produce Cells, house made BMS ,module and integrated system solutions. 22 years, we do only one thing, Energy Storage Batteries.We proud of excellency : 100+R&D teams, 1368 employees , 48 fully automatic productions lines ,150,000 square meters factory. MeritSun, The Best Power in the SUN.

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