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Canton Fair Drives the Building of a Strong Economic and Trade Nation through Quality Development

Canton Fair Drives the Building of a Strong Economic and Trade Nation through Quality Development


At the Press Conference for the opening of the 123nd session of China Import and Export Fair on April 14, Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, mentioned that Canton Fair will take measure to achieve quality development and make further contributions to building a strong economic and trade nation.

Xu said that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and Chinese economy has shifted from high speed development to quality development. According to the goal of “Two One Hundred Years”, the Ministry of Commerce has come up with a target to build China into a strong economic and trade nation in advance. In the new era, we at the Canton Fair, will implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Congress and follow the requirements of quality development. We will build Canton Fair into a comprehensive platform for opening up that allows “selling to and buying from the world” and make new contributions to China’s development of a strong economic and trade nation and an open world economy.

Xu introduced that we will take measures in 8 aspects: Firstly to optimize section structure. We will further divide product zones in all 51 sections, and in total we have set up 152 product zones. Secondly to optimize the structure of exhibitors. Manufacturers and private companies take an increasingly larger share and have become the main participants of exhibiting companies. In terms of the categories of companies, we have 12118 manufacturers, 9659 foreign traders, 2593 industrial and trading companies, 184 research institutes and other companies, accounting for 49.35%, 39.57%, 10.56% and 0.75% of all the exhibiting companies. In regard to the nature of companies, we have 1458 state-owned companies, 2631 foreign-funded companies, 191 collectively owned enterprises, 18996 private companies and 1278 other types of enterprises, accounting for 5.94%, 10.72%, 0.78%, 77.36% and 5.20% respectively. Thirdly to optimize the structure of exhibits. We will attract the participation of products with high quality, high added value and high technological content. Some exhibitors have a product update ratio of as high as 80%. Fourthly to improve the quality of brand zone. In this session we have 2149 brand exhibitors, located in 47 sections and covering 15 categories. Leading companies of various sectors are represented here. Fifthly we will improve the quality of buyers while maintaining the widest distribution of buyers’ origin through new concepts and modes in marketing. Sixthly by enhancing protection of intellectual property and holding CF Awards and design activities, we will promote the shift from Made-in-China to Created-in-China and intelligent Made-in-China. Seventhly, we will invite quality overseas companies and feature products to participate in the Fair and customize their trade matchmaking events, to improve the quality of our international section and enlarge China’s import. Eighthly through advancing Green Canton Fair and Smart Canton Fair, we will improve the quality of Canton Fair’s green development and forge a 24/7 online offline integrated platform for foreign trade promotion.

(Canton Fair News Center)

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Expo Name: The 123rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Date: 15-19 Apr. 2018

Address: China Import and Export Fair Complex, is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. 

Stand No.: 11.3 K02 B area

Exhibits: Lithium Battery, EES (Energy Storage Systems), Solar Battery, Gel Battery, VRLA Battery, etc...

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