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Charge Ahead: Unveiling the Future of Portable Power

Charge Ahead: Unveiling the Future of Portable Power


In an era of increasing mobility and digitalization, energy portability and reliability have become critical. MeritSun, a company dedicated to driving innovation in energy solutions, is proud to launch its latest portable lithium battery product in response to this market need. This release marks a further breakthrough for MeritSun in providing consumers with efficient and convenient energy solutions. This article will next introduce the technical characteristics of MeritSun portable batteries in detail.

Diverse styles, flexible choices

MeritSun provides you with multiple choices, including 512WH lithium iron phosphate battery paired with a 700W inverter and 720WH ternary lithium battery paired with a 700W inverter. The diversified product line is designed to meet your various needs for portable power and provide you with a full range of solutions.

Unlimited power, unlimited portability

Compared with traditional power banks, this product has won widespread favor in the market for its compact size and lightweight, making it extremely convenient to carry and use. Despite its slim appearance, it packs a powerful battery capacity on the inside.

Intelligent dynamic charging, 1.6 hours of fast experience

MeritSun's automatic dynamic function allows you to experience unparalleled charging speed and efficiency. This smart design ensures that your device fully recovers from 0% charge to 100% in just 1.6 hours, saving you valuable time.

Triple charging, efficient energy

With triple charging inputs, namely solar panel, AC outlet and car charger, MeritSun demonstrates unprecedented power flexibility and adaptability. Advanced X-Turbo and X2-CHARGING technologies further improve charging efficiency and speed. The peak power reaches an astonishing 2000W, which means you can quickly replenish power in a short time to ensure that the device continues to operate.

Low conversion power consumption, high-efficiency output

This product can efficiently convert the energy stored in the battery within 20ms, ensuring the normal operation of various electrical equipment. The conversion power consumption is low and the inverter efficiency is high, minimizing energy loss.

Multi-interface support, all-round charging

MeritSun portable battery is equipped with a variety of output interfaces, providing USB-C, USB, DC, vehicle output and other output methods. It can power up to 10 devices at the same time to meet the charging needs of different devices.

Intelligent management, all at your fingertips

It is also equipped with an intelligent LCD screen, providing users with detailed and intuitive battery data monitoring. You can get real-time access to its status, charge and discharge, and health status for optimal performance and longevity of your battery.

Product Specification

Capacity: 512WH(LiFePO4)/ 720WH(Ternary Lithium Battery)

Max. Output Power: 1800W

Weight: 7.4KG (512WH) / 7.7KG (720WH)

Size: 294*185*236 mm (L*W*H)

Battery Charging Time: Fully charge 1.6 hours

Certifications & Reports: CE/FCC/PSE/RoHS/UKCA/UL 2743


As energy technology continues to evolve, MeritSun's portable lithium battery products provide consumers with unprecedented convenience and efficient energy solutions. We firmly believe that with further technological innovation and continuous product optimization, MeritSun will continue to lead the development trend in this field. In the future, we will continue to be committed to providing more advanced, reliable and environmentally friendly energy products to global users to meet the growing energy demand and sustainable development goals. We look forward to witnessing MeritSun’s more brilliant future in the energy industry with you!

By Christy

MeritSun Power Limited


MeritSun was founded in 1999, we have 24 years of professional experience in energy and integrated solution services. We have 100+ R&D teams,1368 employees,48 fully automatic production lines, and a 150,000 square meters factory, become the industry pioneers in battery suppliers through effective management.

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