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Choose MeritSun to keep up with the pace of energy transformation

Choose MeritSun to keep up with the pace of energy transformation


Nowadays, globe energy transition becomes the hot topic and trends of development that every country reached the agreement. We can see the governments from different areas introduced policies and subsidies to support the new energy like solar installations,so the implementation of a number of favorable policies has accelerated the energy transition. 

There are two main reasons why the international community keeps advocating energy transition. On the one hand, it is the gradual scarcity of limited energy sources, and on the other hand, it is the frequent extreme weather.


These have made the whole society pay more and more attention to issues such as environmental protection and energy conservation. As the energy transition policies of various countries are in full swing, all walks of life are clearly coping with the increasing pressure of decarbonization, and many companies have become leaders in the transition.

And MeritSun is one of them. 

As a technology-driven enterprise, MeritSun insists on quality first and focuses on the production of lithium batteries for energy storage systems for 23 years, focusing on converting the infinite solar energy in nature into electrical energy that can be used by human beings ,and has always firmly believed in contributing to the energy transformation of human beings.

We are proud to present to you our best selling products in three series:

1.12V/24V series Lifepo4 battery with the environmental friendly ABS plastics case for easy use, suitable to the RV, golf cart, marine boats, camper, etc.

2.Powerwall Series

There are three models of this product, 5KWh, 7KWh and 10KWh. It is characterized by long life, plug and play, with wall mounted Lifepo4 battery, able to store energy and backup, it is the best choice for solar home or villa.

3.Rack Module Series

LifePo4 ESS battery is stackable for large power consumption in a solar storage system, suitable for the commercial/industrial like public facilities, telecommunications, etc.

For the pursuit of battery technology, MeritSun is always in action. We have innovated three market-leading technologies: active balance, soft start and custom communication interface.As a trusted partner, rich export experience will bring you better service. In the manufacture of lithium batteries, you can always trust MeritSun.

The transformation of global energy is imperative, let’s get together to protect a healthy planet.

By Iris

MeriTech Power Limited



MeritSun was founded in 1999, we have 23 years of professional experience in energy and integrated solution services. We have 100+R&D teams,1368 employees,48 fully automatic production lines, and a 150,000 square meters factory, become the industry pioneers in battery suppliers through effective management.

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