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Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System.


Commercial and Industrial energy storage is one of the main types of user-side energy storage systems, which can maximize the self-consumption rate of photovoltaics, reduce the electricity expenses of industrial and commercial owners, and help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions.


Business operation mode of C&I Energy Storage System

There are two main business models for the operation of commercial and industrial energy storage. One is commercial and industrial users install energy storage equipment by themselves, which can directly reduce electricity costs, but users need to bear the initial investment cost and annual equipment maintenance costs.

The other is that energy service companies assist users in installing energy storage. Energy service companies invest in the construction of energy storage assets and are responsible for operation and maintenance. Industrial and commercial users pay energy service companies for electricity costs.

At the same time, user-side energy storage has achieved multi-scenario expansion, and many application scenarios have appeared, such as charging and swapping stations, data centers, 5G base stations, port shore power, and swapping heavy trucks.


Structure of C&I energy storage system

The PCS system of the energy storage power station is usually built independently of the battery system. The inverter boost unit includes PCS, grid-connected cabinets, transformers, etc. The container integrates battery cabinets, confluence cabinets, monitoring equipment, etc., and has independent power supply, lighting, and temperature control. Humidity control, fire protection, safety escape and other automatic control and safety guarantee units, the power station also needs to be equipped with a station power system to provide self-consumption power for the energy storage unit, and equipped with a booster station to assist grid connection.

Solar panels

The design principle of solar panels is to meet the daily electricity consumption demand of the load under average weather conditions, that is to say, the annual power generation of the solar cell modules must be equal to the annual electricity consumption of the load.

The power generated by solar panels cannot be completely converted into electricity consumption, and the efficiency of the controller, the loss of the machine and the loss of the battery pack must also be considered. The battery pack will also lose 10-15% during the charging and discharging process.



Industrial and commercial energy storage has relatively low requirements on response time. Considering factors such as cost, cycle life, and response time, energy-type batteries are generally used.

The task of the battery is to ensure the normal power consumption of the system load when the solar radiation is insufficient. The capacity of the battery pack can be designed according to the actual situation.

Pay attention to 3 points when designing:

1. The voltage of the battery pack must reach the voltage of the optical-storage integrated machine system

2. The power stored in the battery pack must meet the user's requirements (energy time shift, peak-valley arbitrage, etc.)

3. When off-grid operation is required, consider the backup power situation in rainy days.



The function of commercial and industrial energy storage inverters is relatively single, based on two-way conversion, small in size, and easier to integrate with battery systems;

It can be flexibly expanded according to its own needs; it has an ultra-wide voltage range of 150-750V, which can meet the needs of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, LEP, etc.

In addition to the basic functions of the converter, it also needs to have grid support functions, such as primary frequency regulation and fast dispatch of source, grid and load functions. The grid has strong adaptability and can achieve fast power response.

Regarding the selection of PCS, loads should be considered. Loads are generally divided into inductive loads and resistive loads. Loads with motors such as central air conditioners, compressors, and cranes are inductive loads. The starting power of the motor is 3-5 times the rated power.

In the early stage of design, when the equipment is running off-grid, the starting power of these loads should generally be taken into consideration, and the output power of the inverter should be greater than the power of the load. For monitoring stations, communication stations and other occasions with strict requirements, the output power is the sum of all load powers.



Most commercial and industrial energy storage systems EMS do not need to accept grid dispatching, and the functions are relatively basic, and only need to do a good job in local energy management

It is also necessary to support the battery balance management of the energy storage system, ensure operational safety, support millisecond-level fast response, and realize integrated management and centralized control of energy storage subsystem equipment.


Work with us

From 2023 to 2024, industrial and commercial energy storage will usher in a new round of peaks since its development.

From the perspective of market demand, the current domestic and international industrial and commercial energy storage market demand is huge, but the competition pattern has not yet fully opened, and the market as a whole is on the eve of outbreak.

However, industrial and commercial energy storage may become a standard configuration product in industrial production and large commercial districts, and the room for growth is worth expecting.


MERITSUN has been focusing on research and development, and following the market demand for energy batteries, and providing the most suitable battery solutions, so now MERITSUN will also issue a series of industrial and commercial energy storage batteries.

The solutions will be mainly compatible with the following advantages:

Modular and flexibly expandable battery storage system at the  power and capacity level

All-in-one design, AC-coupled solution

Individual energy content perfectly matched to your requirements

Max. Battery cell life

Outdoor housing for any installation site.

broad portfolio of energy storage solutions can be tailored to your operational needs, enabling efficient, cost-effective storage distribution and utilization of energy where and when it’s needed most. Our expert systems and applications teams utilize specialized techno-economic tools to help optimize the lifetime economics of a project.

Our approach results in an investment-grade business case that provides the basis of project planning and financing. We’re with you every step of the way.

MeritSun was founded in 1999, we have 23 years of professional experience in energy and integrated solution services. We have 100+ R&D teams, 1368 employees 48 fully automatic production lines, and a 150,000 square meters factory, become the industry pioneer in battery suppliers through effective management.

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