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Lithium battery application in smart street light project

Lithium battery application in smart street light project



Lithium battery application in smart street light project

In recent years, the global awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has begun to deepen in the hearts of the people, and various renewable resources have gradually received widespread attention and expectations.

For example, more and more countries around the world are beginning to install smart streetlights for lithium batteries in their own cities.  The light pole of the smart street lamp can be equipped with WiFi communication, the monitoring probe of public security management and traffic management can monitor the public safety of the road, and can also monitor the current air quality value of PM2.5.  Some light poles also integrate the broadcast function, and the street light function can be more obvious when there are more tourists.  In addition, the light pole is equipped with a lithium battery, and the MERITSUN brand lithium battery has a large capacity, a small battery and a light weight, which can reduce the negative pressure of the light pole.  There is also the MERITSUN battery's safe high temperature resistance and long life characteristics that can be widely used in outdoor equipment.

Lithium battery smart street light

As a mobile communication and payment use in China, most cities have also installed smart street lights for lithium batteries. Therefore, most cities in China are now a city of innovation and wisdom.  Thailand, which is cooperating with MERITSUN, has also ushered in a milestone. 50,000 street lamps have been replaced with LED streetlights. This transformation also includes the deployment of an intelligent lighting management system. The project aims to transform the capital Bangkok into an innovative city.

Lithium battery application in smart street light project

I believe that in the near future, most of the smart light poles will also install 5G micro base stations. Because of the height, spacing, and power supply, the smart light pole is the natural carrier of the 5G micro base station.

Smart street lights make the city more innovative, convenient and intelligent, while lithium batteries make smart street lights safer, more stable and longer-lasting.