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Meirtsun lithium battery vigorously promotes the development of solar energy in the Philippines

Meirtsun lithium battery vigorously promotes the development of solar energy in the Philippines


With the rapidly growing demand for solar systems in the Philippines, the development of solar systems is very quick. The factors of the rapid development of solar energy in the Philippine market are based on two: Government Support and Imperfect Power Systems.

According to the latest news reports, The Philippines is clearing the hurdles to accelerate the shift to green energy. Just recently, the Department of Energy (DOE) mandated distribution utilities, electric cooperatives, and retail electricity suppliers to tap more renewables in supplying electricity to their customers. At the same time, it's pointed out that energy storage batteries can integrate renewable energy projects into the grid, which is the need for future investments in the solar field, so increased investment and innovation in energy storage batteries are imperative,  It is also recognized that there must be a move from the majority of lead-based battery storage systems, to the higher storage and more efficient Lithium battery storage system.

With the rapid development of the solar system in the Philippines, We have to say that lithium batteries are replacing lead-acid batteries and becoming the first choice for more household and commercial users.

As is known to all, Current electricity costs in the Philippines are the highest in Asia, including Japan. At present, there are still a large number of people in the Philippines who cant use the power grid, including a large number of schools. There is no doubt that the lack of a perfect power system will hinder the economic and cultural development of a country.

While MeritSun, as a professional batteries manufacturer from China, adheres to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind advocated by the Chinese government and has been committed to providing high-quality lithium batteries to countries with strong power needs, so as to help them build power systems that can meet their needs, and realize the common prosperity of mankind.


For the market of Philippines, in order to better match the needs of customers, MeritSun has committed to the independent design and development of lithium batteries, using imported well-known brand BMS and independently developed Class-A cells, with a strict QC process to ensure the quality of each battery. We strive to pursue the highest level of lithium battery manufacturing process. Among them, the Powerwall wall-mounted battery is highly regarded as it can meet the energy storage requirement of Filipino households, and the advantage of it is not only the perfect cooperation with the inverter but also the high quality of operation and 0 error rate.

The Powerwall Series has four specification:5KWh, 7KWh, 10KWh

· Plug-play with wall-mounted Lifepo4 battery

· House-Made Smart BMS

· Compact size: 3D patented Design

· Longer life:≥6000 cycles

· Communication Compatibility: Main brands of the inverter like Deye, Luxpower, Growatt

So far, we have exported a large number of high-quality lithium batteries to the Philippine market, which realizes the freedom of electricity use for local residents in the Philippines, and received favorable comments from them. Below are some of our local installation cases in the Philippines.

Over the past 23 years, our batteries have been sold worldwide including Philipines, creating the best user experience for customers, and are deeply loved by our customers.

The large electricity bill and lack of power grids make solar batteries a much cheaper and economically more advantageous option in the Philippines. We hope to cooperate with you to develop the Philippine energy storage battery market side by side, which not only creates the best user experience for Philippine users, but also brings you more industry development prospects, realizing a truly win-win situation.


By Iris

MeriTech Power Limited



MeritSun was founded in 1999, we have 23 years of professional experience in energy and integrated solution services. We have 100+R&D teams,1368 employees,48 fully automatic production lines, and a 150,000 square meters factory, become the industry pioneers in battery suppliers through effective management.

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