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Meritsun 20kWh Wall Mounted Battery work perfectly in the marine boat

Meritsun 20kWh Wall Mounted Battery work perfectly in the marine boat


Off-grid solar systems are suitable for the areas without grid-connected or grid-connected power instability. It is an independent solution, usually consisted with solar PV, controllers, inverters, batteries, which generate DC power directly during the day and store the power in battery packs for night or cloudy/rainy days use.


Like the marine boat, it is very necessary to build a off-grid solar system to power the load equipment, such as the lights, air conditioner, TV and so on.

A professional installation of off-grid solar systems which shared from our Thailand customer. This system was designed with 6.5KW solar panel, 48VDC 10KW off-grid inverter and 48V20kWh Meritsun Power Lifepo4 battery for his marine boat.

During the day, the solar panels produce energy from the sun to power the boat devices directly, also charge Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery through inverter, which store the excess solar energy and make the battery available back up on demand to run well for LED lights, avoid blackout to keep the lights on at night. Worry free without electricity!


Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery is not only an ideal choice for the household, but also it is also suitable to build for the marine boats. It can be installed in most places and power all day and night.


A reliable, clean and low-cost effective solutions of the solar system with Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery. By working with solar panel and inverter to easy replace diesel generators to help you enjoy a green and bright life.

By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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