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MeritSun 48V 10kwh Powerwall Battery is Compatible With Growatt Inverter

MeritSun 48V 10kwh Powerwall Battery is Compatible With Growatt Inverter


MeritSun 48V 10kwh Wall Mounted Battery Battery is Compatible With Growatt Inverter

Meritsun, with over 24 years of experience in the Lithium Battery industry in China, provides extensive Lithium batteries for various applications. All of our batteries are pre-qualified based on performance durability and long-term reliability.

Here we are delighted to announce that our battery can be compatible with Growatt inverter, our 48V Lifepo4 ranges including 48V10kWh Wall Mounted Battery battery ensure compatibility with direct communication via the BMS CAN or RS485 protocol of Growatt SPF off-grid series inverter for full battery smart control, also works perfectly along with the other SPH series storage inverters.

Growatt was established in May 2010, the top 10 most used solar inverter for PV energy systems all around the world, offers a wide range of solar inverters from 1kW to 2.52MW including the grid-connected, hybrid low voltage and high voltage series, and off-grid series.

As we all know, with the rapid development of Lithium technology, most customers require intelligent communication between the battery and inverters when they configure solar systems. Meritsun is the leading manufacturer with a professional engineering team focused on developing advanced technology in BMS software, We always make internal testing for compatibility with different brands' inverters to meet different customers' requirements, also including Growatt Inverter.

Here we would like to take an example:

How to set up the communication between Growatt inverter SPF Off Grid 5000ES and Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery 48v10kWh battery? Pls check the guidance:

1. Pls use the communication cable to connect from battery CAN port to the inverter BMS port

2. While the battery in parallel communicated with inverter, dial-up addresses of host battery and slaves battery are different

1)If a single battery communicated with an inverter, the dialed address of the battery as follow:

2)Multi battery pack in parallel to communicate with an inverter, the dialed address of battery as below:

3.Pls set the right protocol on the GROWATT inverter as below:

3.1 If you want to connect the Battery BMS, need to set the battery type as“LI” in program 05 as below:

3.2After set “LI” in program 05, you can choose the CAN communication protocol which is from L51 to L99, But our Wall Mounted Battery protocol is a 52-match, adjust the number by pressing "up" or "down", as below:

 After setting up protocol communication, you can view battery information

Successful Project Cases 

Nowadays battery becomes a necessary part in the Energy Storage Era, which brings lots of energy benefits for people. But how to pick up the right battery for your house solar setup? Let Meritsun become your trusted expert.

Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery:

Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery is a home battery that stores excess solar energy to be used at night or for backup protection if the grid goes down. With a capacity of 10kWh, people are able to power their homes almost entirely on solar power. Also, homeowners can manage their power, enabling solar households to further reduce expensive electricity bills and maximize the self-consumption of solar power.

The excellent advantages:

1/ High safety LFP battery: Non-toxic, thermally stable lithium iron phosphate chemistry, eco-friendly

2/ Long Cycle Life: Offers up to 8000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge with 20 years service lifespan

3/ Intelligent LED & LCD Display: Easily view the state of charge with the LED and access detailed performance and operating data on the built-in LCD screen

4/ Expandable to 150kwh storage: Parallel up to 15 units increase the capacity

5/ Built in the independent BMS( Battery Management System) for smart monitoring and security protection

6/ Communication Protocol: RS485, RS232, CAN Compatible with multiple top brands inverters such as Growatt, Voltronic, Deye, Luxpower, Sol-ark, Victron, Mpp solar, Schneider, Megarevo, etc

Meritsun supplies a wide range of Lithium storage battery products and solar energy services. Our unmatched experience in battery ensures continued success for our partners. We look forward to the worldwide cooperation of distributors, welcome to join us!

MeritSun was founded in 1999, we have 24 years of professional experience in energy and integrated solution services. We have 100+ R&D teams, 1368 employees 48 fully automatic production lines, and a 150,000 square meters factory, become the industry pioneer in battery suppliers through effective management.

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