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MERITSUN Large-scale Energy Storage ESS Rack-Mounted 2MWH Lifepo4 batteries successfully power Government Telecommunication Projects in Thailand

MERITSUN Large-scale Energy Storage ESS Rack-Mounted 2MWH Lifepo4 batteries successfully power Government Telecommunication Projects in Thailand


Warmly celebrate the successful holding of the 3rd China International Import Expo in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th, 2020 as schedule, which has attached extensive attention and positive comments from home and abroad. Global companies gathered at the China International Import Expo. They said that the continued opening of the Chinese market provides opportunities for the world and promote international economic and trade cooperation, facilitate stable and smooth supply chains of global industrial chains.


Also the China International Import Expo provides a very good platform for investment cooperation and technological innovation in the energy industry. Technological innovations related to new energy and emerging technologies have also played an increasingly important role. Countries around the world continue to work hand in hand in energy transformation, scientific and technological research and development, material procurement, trade and investment, carbon emission reduction and so on.


Meritsun, as one of the global leaders in green new energy lithium battery industrial, actively responds to the call of CIIE, bringing high-tech and advanced energy lithium batteries to the world to meet people’s demand and development of green energy storage and contributing to world trade import and export.


Recently, Meritsun team was pleasure to cooperate for the Thailand government with large-scale energy storage project 2MWH ESS Rack-mounted Lifepo4 batteries and successfully generated power and was put into use to provide clean energy to the local telecom base stations.


The 2MWH energy storage project was mainly designed by Meritsun outstanding 48VDC ESS Rack-mounted Lifepo4 battery bank combined with a 19 inch cabinet for easy and convenient installation, which prefect place in the telecom based stations in Thailand each locations. These large 2MWH battery bank was separately divided into each 30kWh, 50kWh, 100kWh and 200kWh based on each telecom based station’s actual power need.

During the cooperation period, Meritsun team held a professional lithium battery products training in Meritsun China factory for our Thailand Government team, took a comprehensive introduction and technology share for the Lithium battery production, assemble, service support. Two sides between us have a deeper exchange and Meritsun won the great praise from our valued partners. Another, Meritsun engineer team also arranged the foreign visits and technical guidance based on the local conditions in Thailand.


The cooperation between us and the Thailand government's Telecommunication  Lithium battery energy projects continues to increase, from now on the project requirements already up to 8MWH. Meritsun always provide the best energy storage option in terms of safety, reliability and lifespan, and focus on the innovation and imagination go hand-in-hand  as we strive to create the long-life, unique and integrated energy storage solutions that solve customer problems. 

By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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