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MeritSun Rack Module Batteries Collaborate with UPS to Open a New Chapter in Power Protection

MeritSun Rack Module Batteries Collaborate with UPS to Open a New Chapter in Power Protection


In today's highly digitized and interconnected society, power fluctuations and interruptions pose significant challenges for both businesses and individual users. This is particularly crucial for critical facilities such as data centers, where a stable power supply is paramount. Against this backdrop, the importance of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solutions is becoming increasingly evident. Serving as a backup power equipment, UPS can provide instant alternative power in the event of a main power failure, ensuring the continuous operation of critical equipment and providing essential power protection for various sectors in modern society.

What Is UPS?

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a type of power backup device used to swiftly switch to alternative power sources in the event of power grid interruptions or fluctuations, providing temporary power supply to ensure the normal operation of equipment. UPS systems typically consist of battery modules, inverters, chargers, and control circuits. They can rapidly switch to backup power during power outages to maintain the continuous operation of equipment or complete shutdown processes, thus preventing data loss or equipment damage.


Applications: UPS is widely used in various fields such as computers and information technology, communication and network equipment, medical devices, industrial automation, and financial transactions. It is utilized not only by large enterprises and data centers but also adaptable to the needs of small businesses and households.

The Functions of UPS Systems

● Provide power backup: UPS systems can immediately switch to backup power sources in the event of power grid interruptions or fluctuations, providing continuous power supply to critical equipment to prevent operational interruptions or data loss.

● Ensure safe operation of equipment: The system can stabilize output voltage and frequency, avoiding damage or failure to equipment caused by power fluctuations, thus improving equipment reliability and lifespan.

● Protect data integrity: During power interruptions, UPS systems can ensure the continued operation of devices such as computers and servers, preventing data loss or damage and safeguarding data integrity and accessibility.

● Facilitate smooth shutdown: UPS systems can provide sufficient time during power interruptions for devices to complete a safe shutdown process, avoiding the impact of sudden power loss.

● Provide power filtering and purification: Equipped with filters and voltage regulators, the system can remove noise, interference, and voltage fluctuations from the power supply, providing clean and stable power output.

MeritSun's Rack-mounted Lithium Battery and UPS Join Forces

MeritSun's rack-mounted lithium battery solution redefines data backup by providing uninterrupted power during power outages. The seamless integration of UPS solution with rack-mounted lithium battery will offer users comprehensive power protection, covering not only equipment and servers but also providing reliable support for the entire power system. The efficient energy conversion of rack-mounted lithium batteries complements the reliable stability of UPS, creating an excellent power protection experience for users.

The Features of MeritSun's Serve Rack Module Batteries

Smart BMS: Enhanced Battery Safety and Monitoring

Utilizing an Integrated Voltage Acquisition Circuit within the smart BMS safeguards against short circuits and contact issues. This advanced system continuously monitors cell temperature and voltage, ensuring optimal battery conditions throughout charging and discharging processes.

Scalable Capacity with Rack/Cabinet Compatibility

Compatible with 19-Inch Rack/Cabinet setup, BMS communication version enables parallel connection of up to 15 battery modules, catering to capacity needs from 2.5 kWh to 200 kWh.


Pulsed Aerosol Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

The incorporation of a 4-zone Anti-pressure Temperature Sampling System with an intelligent hot aerosol fire extinguishing device boosts battery pack safety. It precisely monitors temperature fluctuations and autonomously suppresses fires, guaranteeing reliability and safety.

In summary, the seamless integration of MeritSun's rack-mounted lithium battery with UPS signifies a significant breakthrough in the field of power protection. We will continue to invest in innovation and research and development, striving to provide users with smarter and more sustainable power solutions. We look forward to collaborating with global partners to create a future powered by clean energy.



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