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Meritsun Team held a wonderful and professional Online Trade Shows on Alibaba Platform

Meritsun Team held a wonderful and professional Online Trade Shows on Alibaba Platform


Many of Meritsun international customers plan to visit our factory this year in 2020, but due to the epidemic, they have to suspend the plan temporarily. Fortunately, Alibaba.com create the new mode of Online Trade Show which attach big attention from all around the world and get the great opportunity to develop the industrial and business development. Everyone can watch the Live show through their mobile phone and computer, it is very easy and convenient to enjoy a wonderful show that are they interested in.


In order to let the customers have an intuitive visit directly and deeply understanding for our Meritsun company and Lithium batteries, also let more worldwide people join in the new technology and green energy Lithium battery. Every time Meritsun team actively participated in the Alibaba Online Trade Show to share and present many Lithium batteries’ production technology, characteristics, application, and so on.

During the Live Show,the hosts of Meritsun team took the wonderful and professional introduction:

1.The factory production process of Lithium batteries to let the fans/customers know more about the production technology

2.The high quality cells of Prismatic, Cylindrical and Punch type to let the fans/customers know how to use the suitable cells type to assemble the high performance Lithium battery pack

3.The intelligent house-made BMS designed by Meritsun professional engineer team, not only has the good protection functions from over-charge, over discharge, over current, over      temperature, balance and short circuit, but also has the smart monitoring and management function for checking the battery status from LCD or PC via RS232/RS485 communication interface

4.The hot selling ESS Wall Mounted Battery with prolong life to power the home/villa/residential,etc

5.The popular ESS Rack mounted 24V/48V Lifepo4 battery with premium long life for commercial solar system, telecom back up system, government, etc

6.The new design Portable All in one power house with lifepo4 battery and inverter together for easy use and save space

7.The perfect 12V/24V Lifepo4 battery with the same size ABS case of lead acid battery for easy replacement while reach super long life time, which is the ideal solution for RV, camper car, golf cart, marine boat, yachts, etc

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Meanwhile, Meritsun company got lots of appreciation and praise from customers who watched Meritsun Alibaba Live Show. It make them have better understanding of the Lithium batteries and solar industry. Meritsun received many inquiries and reached a fast order cooperation of lithium batteries from the live show.

Meritsun always take the active action for the new trend, so we will constitute to attend the Alibaba Online Trade Show on the following month. Welcome to follow and join Meritsun Live Show!

By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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