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New Year ushered in a strong cold wave, MERITSUN low temperature battery to ensure normal power work

New Year ushered in a strong cold wave, MERITSUN low temperature battery to ensure normal power work


New Year ushered in a strong cold wave, MERITSUN low temperature battery to ensure normal power work

The latest weather report of the New Year, recently, there are super cold waves and blizzard weather in many areas of the northern hemisphere. Yesterday, many countries ushered in the strongest cold wave and many countries were also affected by super cold waves. Affected by the wind and cold effect, temperatures in many countries are as low as minus ten degrees. The cold air is strong and reaches the cold wave level; it has a long duration and a wide range of influence, and the global northern hemisphere is basically affected.

New Year ushered in a strong cold wave

According to reports, European countries have issued low-temperature warnings for the central and southern regions, and the highest temperatures during the day are almost between minus 6 and 3 degrees Celsius. The northeastern and northeastern regions of East Asia were affected by the "year-end cold current", and more blizzards were underground. The Meteorological Agency said that snow in the coastal areas has intensified and air traffic has been blocked, which may affect the traffic during the year-end holidays. North American countries have also snowed and entered the winter weather.

Cold air continues to affect the northern hemisphere region and some countries. The localities are affected by low temperature, rain, snow, and freezing on people's household electrical appliances, urban operation, road traffic, and facility agriculture. Some households are frequently affected by the cold and power supply due to the cold weather. Boats working on the lake and on the seashore, as well as on the land, frequently lose power in cold weather, because some batteries can't afford to operate in an ultra-cold environment, so the power supply system of the ship and the car is often interrupted. The super cold winter brings some trouble to home appliances, boats and vehicles.

RV battery

In order to reduce the trouble of living in the cold winter, MeriTech Power Limited has launched a low-temperature heating battery. This lithium battery can maintain constant temperature and normal operation in cold and bad weather. The new product battery working environment can accept -30-65℃ It is convenient to transport and can be used for the normal operation of the electric boat motor. It can be used for the backup power supply of the home equipment and the normal use of the RV equipment. It solves the problems we encounter in the cold winter life, and reduces the trouble of many of our power supply.

 low-temperature heating battery

Cold winter weather begins, home power supply, road traffic, facility agriculture, etc. We must prepare for power supply. In the winter, the MERITSUN brand battery guarantees the normal operation of our life.

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