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Next-Gen Energy Solutions MeritSun's Efficient, Intelligent, and Secure Inverter Breakthrough

Next-Gen Energy Solutions MeritSun's Efficient, Intelligent, and Secure Inverter Breakthrough


The much-awaited MeritSun inverter series has finally made its debut! Introducing the groundbreaking US SPLIT PHASE HYBRID INVERTER 15PVKW-10LV by MeritSun, specifically designed for regions with standard electrical systems operating at 120V or 220V. This release signifies the inauguration of a new era in MeritSun's inverter technology, marking a revolutionary leap forward in the energy sector. In this age of digitization and intelligence, we firmly believe that technology acts as the driving force behind societal progress.

The brand-new MeritSun Hybrid Split Phase Inverter stands out with exceptional performance, validated safety features, and cutting-edge technologies, including remote intelligent management. By harnessing the power of the MeritSun SPLIT PHASE HYBRID INVERTER, you can infuse more intelligence and convenience into your life and business, propelling you into the future of clean energy.

Unparalleled Performance: Breaking through with a 15kW PV Input

Leveraging Optimized Solar Harvesting, this inverter boasts an impressive 15 kW capacity for photovoltaic power generation. Its exceptional energy conversion efficiency ensures optimal performance even in suboptimal sunlight conditions. By efficiently extracting and converting solar energy, the inverter delivers a consistently stable and reliable power output for users. This marks a noteworthy advancement applicable to a wide spectrum of electricity consumption needs, addressing the requirements of both residential and commercial applications.

Delivering Superior Solar Utilization – Flexible, Optimized, and Efficient

  • Flexibility: The 15PVKW-10LV inverter exhibits flexibility with its low-voltage startup (90V), allowing for efficient operation even in less-than-ideal sunlight conditions. This flexibility enables early startup and extends daily working hours, maximizing the utilization of solar energy.

  • Optimization: With support for up to 200% overrated power, users can choose solar energy systems exceeding their rated capacity. This ensures meeting a broader range of electricity demands during peak hours or adverse weather conditions, providing resilience in power supply.

  • Efficiency: Simultaneously, the inverter supports up to 150% of photovoltaic input power, enabling faster battery charging and effective storage of solar energy. This feature ensures users can rely on a dependable power supply during nights or cloudy days. These characteristics collectively position the inverter as a flexible, efficient, and reliable solar power generation solution.

Unleash Your Nature, Infinite Freedom - 3 MPPTs:

This inverter, designed for ultimate flexibility, incorporates three Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technologies, supporting high-power modules with a maximum Photovoltaic (PV) input current of 30A.

Built upon a foundation of adaptable string configurations, users can freely combine solar cell strings based on real-world conditions and environmental requirements, providing enhanced customization and adaptability. With three independent MPPT devices, it optimizes the output of three solar cell strings simultaneously, maximizing energy efficiency for high-power modules.

Equipped with a built-in DC breaker, it supports 40-64V lithium or lead-acid batteries (210A max) and provides seamless backup conversion in 10 milliseconds at 120/240/208V. The system supports phased elimination for flexible 100% backup power implementation.

Peace of Mind Security, High-Reliability Worthy of Your Trust:

  • UL Certification, High-Quality Components, Outdoor IP65 Rating, AFCI/RSD Safety, Reduced Fire Risk

The MeritSun Split Phase Hybrid Inverter, UL-certified, excels in performance with premium components from renowned brands. Its IP65 rating ensures durability outdoors, and advanced safety features like Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) and Residual Current Device (RCD) minimize fire and electric shock risks.

  • Intelligent Maintenance, Comprehensive Protection, and Rapid Backup for Prolonged Efficient Operation

It possesses intelligent maintenance capabilities to swiftly detect and address issues, ensuring prolonged and efficient system operation. features advanced protection like DC Type II/AC Type II surge protection and a 300A battery circuit breaker. Its 10-millisecond backup switch time ensures uninterrupted power during grid outages, meeting strict requirements for power continuity.

  • Maximum Input Voltage of 600V, High Voltage Tolerance, Built-in 300A Battery Circuit Breaker for Enhanced Safety

The MeritSun Split Phase Hybrid Inverter, with a 600V maximum input voltage, ensures adaptability to different voltage conditions.  The built-in 300A battery circuit breaker/disconnect function enhances safety during maintenance or emergencies, quickly cutting off the current and reducing potential hazards.

Remote Intelligent Management, Control Your Energy at Your Fingertips

Bluetooth and WiFi Remote Intelligent Management of the Inverter Energy System:

It offers intelligent management with 24/7 remote monitoring for real-time insights, swift issue resolution, and continuous system stability. The user-friendly mobile app aids convenient system debugging, while advanced energy management with customizable settings ensures efficient operation in diverse environments and energy requirements.

You can also link it to the Solar Hope app via Bluetooth, allowing remote monitoring and configuration through the Solar Man WiFi App/Web. This streamlined functionality benefits installers, operators, and investors, simplifying business monitoring, configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the Solar Man WiFi App/Web enables end-users to intelligently monitor and adjust system performance anytime, anywhere.

Manage Your Energy Economics, Maximize Returns:

This Inverter also allows convenient remote parameter settings and firmware upgrades, individually or in batches, ensuring future-ready capabilities. Its intelligent features include grid feedback for surplus electricity and generator integration for diverse energy sources, making it an advanced, performance-driven, and user-friendly energy management solution.

Your Trusted Power of Choice

The launch of the MeritSun US SPLIT PHASE HYBRID INVERTER 15PVKW-10LV represents a significant leap forward in energy technology. Its outstanding performance, high reliability, and remote intelligent management features make it the ideal choice for clean energy systems. Whether in energy conversion efficiency, safety, or intelligent management, this inverter showcases advanced technology and innovation.

On the journey towards a clean energy future, the MeritSun inverter brings intelligence, convenience, and efficiency to your life and business. Don't miss out on this innovation in the energy sector. Embrace the future of clean energy with MeritSun, making energy smarter and more sustainable. Experience superior performance now, all within your grasp!

By George

MeritSun Power Limited


MeritSun was founded in 1999, we have 24 years of professional experience in energy and integrated solution services. We have 100+ R&D teams,1368 employees,48 fully automatic production lines, and a 150,000 square meters factory, become the industry pioneers in battery suppliers through effective management.

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