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Talk about the advantages of installing lithium batteries in golf carts

Talk about the advantages of installing lithium batteries in golf carts


The cost of a one-time investment in a lithium battery golf cart will be relatively high, but it is more economical to compare the cost of a lead-acid battery to the cost of a lithium-ion battery in the life cycle of the cart. Based on the service life of 5-6 years, the lithium battery does not need to be replaced in the middle.

lithium batteries in golf carts

Lithium battery has low attenuation and vehicles can be used frequently. The attendance rate of the vehicle is much higher than that of the lead-acid version of the cart, and the stadium can be put into less vehicles. The maintenance of the lithium-ion version of the vehicle is simple and easy, and it is not necessary to add battery liquid frequently, saving labor and materials. In addition, because the lithium battery car is relatively light, the wear of the tires, dampers, brakes and the like of the vehicle is much less.

The lithium battery of the golf cart produced by the MERITSUN brand uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, and its safety performance and cycle life are incomparable with other materials. The cycle life of a single battery is up to 2000 times. High-capacity lithium batteries are more easily used in series with lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material to meet the needs of frequent charging and discharging of electric vehicles. In addition, lithium iron phosphate has the advantages of non-toxic, non-polluting, good safety performance and long life, and is the best choice for golf carts with lithium batteries.

· High temperature resistance.

· High capacity.

· No memory effect.                                     

· Small size and light weight.

· Green.

lithium batteries in golf carts

At present, most lithium batteries on the market use lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate as cathode materials. LiFePO4, which uses lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material and has an olivine structure to meet the needs of an ideal high-safety, high-capacity, high-power lithium battery, is known as "the arrival of a new era of lithium-ion batteries".

LiFePO4 is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, rich in raw materials, high in specific capacity, stable in charge and discharge, good in cycle performance, high in thermal stability, extremely safe and reliable. Lithium-ion batteries made of this material are very suitable for safety, cycle life and power. Extremely sensitive battery applications such as features and cost of use.

Lithium battery for golf cart


After testing, the actual performance and performance of the golf cart with the MERITSUN lithium battery is still commendable.

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