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The Power Behind the 2022 World Cup

The Power Behind the 2022 World Cup


Located on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, the Qatar Peninsula has a tropical desert climate with long, hot summers and a maximum temperature of 50°C. In order to allow the players to play football in the most comfortable climate and the audience to watch the football feast in the most comfortable environment, this World Cup unprecedentedly installed an "air conditioner" for the stadium, which can adjust the temperature on site to below 20°C.

The temperature control system of large stadiums can only be heated but not cooled-this is a common problem of most professional football stadiums before. One can imagine the difficulty of cooling down the open-air football field. The World Cup in Qatar undoubtedly created a great feat in sports.

 Seven of the eight stadiums in this World Cup are equipped with air conditioners. As we all know, large-scale temperature control systems have extremely high requirements for electricity. How can Qatar achieve a perfect power supply while taking into account the environmental protection requirements of energy saving and low carbon?

Answer: The energy used in this World Cup comes directly from solar power stations.

The Alcazar 800 MW photovoltaic power plant undertaken by China is Qatar's first solar power plant and will strongly support Qatar's commitment to hosting the "carbon neutral" World Cup.

The world's largest photovoltaic power plant with a tracking system in active servicean 800-megawatt photovoltaic power generation project in Qatar independently undertaken by China Power Construction Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd.

It can provide a steady stream of clean electricity for the World Cup in Qatar! It is estimated that it can provide about 1.8 billion kWh of clean electricity for Qatar every year, meeting 10% of Qatar's peak electricity demand.

It is not only Qatar's first non-fossil fuel power station, but also the overseas photovoltaic project that uses the most Chinese equipment.

The project has passed the management standards and supervision standards of many multinational companies such as France, Japan, and Germany, organized and coordinated resources from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and completed all major tasks such as electrification of substations and full-capacity grid connection.

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