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With the advent of the 5G network era, the storage base station energy storage has once again stirred the lithium battery market.

With the advent of the 5G network era, the storage base station energy storage has once again stirred the lithium battery market.


With the advent of the 5G network era  the storage base station energy storage has once again stirred the lithium battery market.

Many lithium battery industry insiders believe that the arrival of the 5G era means that operators will upgrade the global communication base station. The lithium battery in the base station system is the trend of the past year. The communication base station energy storage market will be soon bring up the lithium battery industries into prosperous era.

However, some people have advised that the changes brought about by 5G to the market should be taken rationally. If mobile operators only upgrade the system based on the original base stations, the demand for lithium batteries is much smaller than that of new 5G communication base stations.

MERITSUN learned from a number of lithium battery companies that most battery companies have already withdrawn from the communication base station market due to price wars in the 4G era. Although it is conservatively estimated that the popularization of 5G communication and base station upgrades this year will bring lithium battery a market size of 10 billion US Dollars.

The 5G era is coming                

How much opportunity does 5G communication upgrade bring to lithium battery?

The 5G network era will re-locate the communication base      station lithium battery market.

Policies and market actions have released the upcoming signal of the 5G era. Many lithium battery companies have begun to rekindle confidence in the communications energy storage market. Industry insiders conservatively expect that this round of new technology upgrade will bring 10 billion US Dollars market scale to lithium battery.

The 5G network is coming to the lithium battery enterprise to bring two great gospels:

Firstly, regardless of whether the operator chooses to upgrade the original base station or build a new base station, this is a new market opportunity for the lithium battery enterprise; Lithium battery technical requirements, standard thresholds increase, "low quality and low price" situation is expected to end, the market will gradually return to the normal rational track.

5G or broken window

The 5G era is coming or will become a redemption opportunity for the communication base station lithium battery market.

MERITSUN understands that there will be higher technical requirements for lithium battery applications in communication base stations. The outdoor environment of communication base stations is harsh. It is necessary to consider the environment of high temperature and humidity, and prevent overcharge and over discharge, especially as a special attribute of base station backup power.  In order to reduce operating and maintenance costs, operators prefer batteries with high cycle life and good batteries. The most important thing is that after upgrading to 5G, the performance of the lithium battery in the base station system will greatly affect the stability of the network signal. This is related to the user's usage and experience. The operator has higher requirements on battery consistency and stability.

The thresholds for technical standards and performance are improved; operators will change from the user's point of view, and the various changes in 5G communication, such as management mentality, will change or even end the current "low quality and low price" situation of the lithium battery market in the communication base station.

Warren reminded that if lithium battery companies want to make a difference in the communication base station market, future thinking should be changed. He believes that the large number and small size, flexible layout, and low power consumption are the main features of the future development of 5G communication base stations; based on this, how to shape the backup power supply for communication base stations in the future is the focus of lithium battery companies should pay attention to. For example, how will the future development of the communication network, whether the customer object will be transferred from the operator to the communication base station equipment provider or even the communication terminal manufacturer?

This has also been recognized by many insiders, and it has even been suggested that small and medium-sized data centers will become the next layout of lithium battery for communication base stations.

meritsun 5G base station battery

At this time,

 MERITSUN is honored and is actively preparing for the 5G demand. MERITSUN is cooperating with couple of main operators and get ready to contribute to the 5G era with the best lithium battery products and technologies from MERITSUN!

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