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Worry free the power outage by using Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery home battery

Worry free the power outage by using Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery home battery


A news reported that: In connection with the reconstruction of a section of the 161kv Winneba to Mallam transmission line and connection for Ghanaian Power Grid, the Ghanaian Power Company (ECG) has announced that the electricity supply in some parts of Accra will be interrupted from May 27 to June 11, 2021, the power outage will be from 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight. 

Faced with a 16-day power outage life, a prolonged and widespread blackout would lead to the collapse of the city system and inconvenience to the people of Accra. However, we know that there are still many areas face such issues all over the world, even some people live in areas without electricity at all. That is a great difficult challenge for them.

                                                                                                                                                       Africa in the dark

How to solve the power outage problem so as to alleviate the power shortage for the people all around the world?

Meritsun 48V Wall Mounted Battery home Lifepo4 battery is the fantastic option with advanced benefits. Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery is a safety and clean Lithium iron phosphate battery designed to store energy at the house for backup power and self-consumption of solar power generation. Wall Mounted Battery home battery has the multiple models 5kwh, 7.2kwh and 10kwh, parallel connection available for flexible system capacity extension with more than 16 units battery to store up to 10~160 kWh of green energy that with or without solar can provide enough power to your home when power outage. And the battery has built in the intelligent BMS for good protection to control the battery from any damage, and smart communication monitoring, which make the battery with perfect performance and high cycle life and deep cycle ability more than 6000 cycles at 80% DOD. The long lifespan and powerful energy can offer the abundant power to satisfy the electricity needs and light up every house.

                                                                                                                             Use candles and kerosene lamps for light (Photo: Solar Aid)

Leading the way in solar energy industrial, Meritsun is dedicated to bringing greener, renewable and clean energy and affordable solar battery solution to the people, so we always stands at the forefront of understanding market needs and customers pain points. This is the firm mission of Meritsun Group to make contribution for the world. Not a blackout, just enjoy the green and free energy with Meritsun Wall Mounted Battery home battery.


By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited 

MeriTech is a professional LiFePo4 battery manufacturer since 1999, focus on alternative smart energy storage application. We produce Cells, house made BMS ,module and integrated system solutions. 22 years, we do only one thing, Energy Storage Batteries.We proud of excellency : 100+R&D teams, 1368 employees, 48 fully automatic productions lines ,150,000 square meters factory. MeritSun, The Best Power in the SUN.

Data sources in the article:https://www.shihang.org/zh/home

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