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Benefits of Using Meritsun Powerwall Battery for Home Solar Solutions

Benefits of Using Meritsun Powerwall Battery for Home Solar Solutions


Why does it make sense to consider using Meritsun Powerwall battery for homes? Meritsun Powerwall Lifepo4 battery offer the homeowners multiple benefits, let us get a comprehensive look.

Lower emissionsPowerwall home battery is belong to the clean energy source by using the green Lithium Iron Phosphate material to assemble, do not produce direct carbon emissions, which are environmentally friendly, worry free the harmful pollution.

Free maintenance: With a traditional wet and acid battery, you’ll have to perform maintenance on it, require to keep adding water to the battery to ensure it keeps running, while Meritsun Powerwall Lifepo4 battery is used the improved Lithium materials and advanced constructional techniques to let the homeowners use easier. Another significant feature is that it is compact and sealed layout design and requires no service attention.

Long lifespan: Powerwall battery is made by the reliable and high quality Lithium materials, also built in the Battery Management System ( BMS) as the automatic and smart protection and management, which typically last longer more than 6000 cycles for over 20 years running lifespan.

Cost savings: When you build a Powerwall Lifepo4 battery solar system for the house, you can expect to save anywhere from thousands us dollars to hundreds us dollars over the battery’s long lifespan. You can reduce reliance on the AC grid while spend less on electricity to save cost for it. Because the Powerwall solar system works by storing the extra solar energy in the daytime as back up power, then use if you want at anytime, when there are power outage or the peak time of expensive electricity bills, the powerwall battery can provide stable and powerful energy to your essential home loads, the darkness is beyond your worry range. Homeowners can better manage their energy use.

It is the right time to create your own smart Powerwall battery system for the house to enjoy the advanced benefits now.


By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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