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How long do the lithium batteries charge for the first time to activate the lithium battery?

How long do the lithium batteries charge for the first time to activate the lithium battery?


Ask:Now, whether there are mobile phones or other equipments, are generally used in lithium batteries.

                 How long do the lithiumbatteries charge for the first time to activate the lithium battery?


Lithium battery maintenance has been a lot of controversyon the Internet as a problem.

Indeed there are some rechargeable batteries need to be similar to the "activation" of the work. This is the earlier nickel cadmium rechargeable battery and Ni MH rechargeablebatteries.

These batteries will produce a called "memoryeffect" phenomenon, charging in the incomplete discharge state, easy tomake battery excessive charging, a long time will lead to the proliferation of crystal on electrode plate, electrolyte and electrode plate blocking contact,causing the battery voltage drop, let the user to generate the feeling that the battery will run out quickly.


Therefore, for these two kinds of batteries, which are discharged completely regular ( not each time) can reduce the voltage dropcaused by the above reasons.However,now we use the mobile phoneand laptop batteries, mostly lithium battery (Li-ion Battery).

Lithium ion batteries, although small, but can storelarge energy, so the use more and more widely. Lithium ion batteries do not need to depth charge and discharge to be activated at the beginning of the use , because the battery initialization and testing process has been completed in the manufacture of thebattery.

Li ion battery does not have the so-called "memoryeffect", can be charged at any time.


We recommend regular a complete charge and discharge to the lithium ion battery, just for the calibration of notebook computer andsome high-end smart mobile phone battery detection device, and not because of what is the benefit of the battery itself.


For ordinary mobile phones, digital cameras, these equipments egment display battery power ,is completely not completely need to fully charge and discharge.

What? Some mobile phones are written in this way on the instructions?

You need to know, Mobile phone batteries are generally not the production of mobile phone manufacturers, this kind of writing instructions may be inorder to remind users to test the battery no problem.

In addition, due to nickel cadmium and nickel metalhydride batteries need to activate, the instructions maybe due to copy thetemplate.

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